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Research Centre SustBusy: Business and Society - Towards a Sustainable World

Research Centre SustBusy
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MSc in International Sustainability Management



Your career makes a difference: this two-campus Master of Science (MSc) will lead you to an international career in Sustainability Management

The Master in International Sustainability Management Programme has a strong international dimension: you will study at ESCP Europe in Berlin and Paris and benefit from ESCP Europe’s global faculty, an international classroom and a worldwide corporate network. Through full modules on company-specific issues such as sustainability culture, supply chains or CSR reporting, you will gain a broad knowledge on all fields of sustainability management.

The Programme gives you the chance to build business links, as ESCP Europe has strong partnerships with leading international companies. Company consultancy projects, internships and career days help you to build your own corporate network. In addition, foreign language courses and an engaged career service support your personal and professional development during the two years.

After completing the MSc, a great selection of career options are waiting for you: sustainability professionals work in "green" companies, such as in the energy, technological, food, clothing or cosmetics industries, or in certification agencies. They are motivated to rethink traditional structures and work in strategic or sustainability departments, in marketing departments, consultancies, green governance or for NGOs. They also very often found their own innovative start-ups or become social entrepreneurs.

ESCP Europe has its own research centre on issues of sustainability: "Business and Society – Towards a Sustainable World" (SustBusy). It is the result of international cooperation between 15 ESCP Europe members and offers high potential for synergies. Its office is located at the Department of Environment and Economics in Berlin and has been founded under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr. Sylvie Geisendorf.

Academic Directors and Team

Prof. Sylvie Geisendorf


Prof. Sylvie Geisendorf

European Academic Director of the Master in International Sustainability Management
Sylvie Geisendorf holds the chair of Environment and Economics at the Berlin Campus. Prof. Geisendorf is Scientific Director of the Research Center on Sustainability: Business and Society - Towards a Sustainable World and Academic Director of the Executive Master in Energy Management in Berlin.







Prof. Olivier Delbard


Prof. Olivier Delbard

Academic Director of the Master in International Sustainability Management, Paris Campus
Olivier Delbard is Professor in the department of Economics, Law and Social Sciences at the Paris Campus.

Jessica Thater


Jessica Thater

Programme Manager of the Master in International Sustainability Management