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A further degree : Università Ca'Foscari Venezia

First institution in Italy - since 1868 - and second in Europe, specialist in higher education in business and economics, Università Ca'Foscari provides its expertise in pedagogy and research in the field of management and cultural activities.

Students obtains two degrees : 

  • Specialised Master® ESCP Europe Label Conférences des Grandes Ecoles
  • Master di II livello Università Ca’Foscari Venezia.
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Elsa Moncassin
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    Specialised Master® in Management for Digital Publishing

    (in partnership with the University of Ca' Foscari, Venezia)


    Marie-Pierre Fenoll Trousseau, Director of the Programme, and Juliette Moschetto, Class of 2017, answered questions on the Specialised Master® in Management for Digital Publishing on Campus Channel (video in French). ​


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    The Publishing Industry and Cultural Media sectors are developing rapidly with the arrival of digital technology: new reading materials and new practices, new key players, new funding and new sales channels. However, the social and cultural economic weight of print remains the largest factor for cultural expenditure in France.



    It is geared towards participants from various backgrounds, from sciences to literacy, who are passionate about the written word and the broadcasting of knowledge. The graduates will gain knowledge at a managerial level in the sector of Management for the Publishing Industry.
    The course content focuses on a cross-disciplinary and multi-skill approach, covering all aspects of the profession including: cultural, political, economical, graphical, technological, promotional, commercial and international dimensions.

    The objective of the Master is to understand, to follow and to anticipate the main developments within the market; to provide high level professionals (BAC +5, or certain applicants with professional experience) with the skills to be able to:

    • Develop a strategic vision of the sectors in which they are interested.
    • Offer a global and innovative approach to management and content management
    • Understand a global view of operations
    • Contribute to the development, the future and the renovation of markets.

    The course benefits from a teaching approach that alternates between the teaching of essential managerial skills and practical sessions in harmony with the realities of working in the field, in France as well as internationally.




    Academic Directors

    Marie-Pierre Fenoll-Trousseau, Scientific Director of the ESCP Europe Specialised Master in Management for the Publishing Industry

    Marie-Pierre Fenoll-Trousseau
    Professor, Economics, Law and Social Sciences Department, ESCP Europe
    Ph.D. in Private Law, Université de Paris V; Qualified to supervise doctoral research
    Research Areas: Intellectual property, Law for new technologies

    Francesco Casarin
    Professore Ordinario di Economia e Gestione delle Imprese, Facoltà di Economia,
    Ca’ Foscari University of Venice