MSc in Digital Project Management & Consulting

Arantxa Chapado
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Participants from diverse backgrounds with a common objective:

Academic background:

Engineers: 35%
Economics / business: 30%
Social sciences / political science: 23%
Law: 6%
Medecine / Pharmacology / Biology: 4%
Other fields: 2%

37% are international students

(12 nationalities)

50% women, 50% men

Figures: Specialized Master in International Project Management, Class of 2008

Master in Digital Project Management & Consulting

Participants’ profiles

ESCP Europe's  Masters Programme welcomes applicants from varied
disciplines who demonstrate open-mindedness and potential.

Master students come from various countries and have different backgrounds: engineers, doctors, pharmacists, students of literature and law, etc.

Originating from 40 nationalities, they form a group of multicultural participants, which makes exchanging and working in groups all the more enriching.


Fahd Zniber
MSc Business Project Management 2015-2016
Previous Studies: Engineering
Current position and company name: Business Analyst at Bip Iberia

"Studying in ESCP Europe has been an unforgettable experience in my life. It is much more than a simple business school. It’s a home, a family. What a good atmosphere! Now that I work in a complex business environment, I realize how meaningful was studying in ESCP Europe."

Ricard Pedrola
Class of 2010
Sales Manager at Amsterdam Capital Trading BV

"I enrolled the Master in Business Project Management order to boost my competences on finance and management. Also remarkable, I chose this program aiming to explore new international challenges due to the strong company network offered and its global values. After my period at ESCP Europe Business School I can emphasize that my expectations have been fulfilled. Right after I obtain my diploma I have been recruited as a Sales Trader in Amsterdam for one of the leading trading companies within the energy commodities industry”