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MSc in Strategy and Digital Business

Academic Directors

Prof. Philip Meissner

European Academic Director of the Master in Strategy and Digital Business

Philip Meissner heads the Chair of Strategic Management and Decision Making at ESCP Europe and is European Academic Director of the Master in Strategy and Digital Business.

His research focuses on Behavioral Strategy and Scenario-based Planning. Especially, he analyses the role of cognitive biases and emotions in the strategic management process and designs methods and tools to improve decision processes in organizations.

Courses taught by Philip Meissner in the programme:

  • Strategic management (term 1)
  • Problem solving and communication (term 1)
  • TED talk seminar (term 3)
  • Strategic decision making (elective, term 4)

Prof. Regis Coeurderoy

Academic Director of the Master in Strategy and Digital Business, Paris Campus

Regis Coeurderoy is Professor in Strategic Management. He is the author of numerous articles at the crossroads of strategic innovation, entrepreneurship and international business. He has studied, e.g., market strategies by innovators, internationalization processes of New Technology-Based Firms and the strategic role of motivational systems on corporate value creation.

Course taught by Regis Coeurderoy in the programme:

  • International strategic innovation (term 2)

ESCP Europe Faculty

Prof. Stefan Schmid

Professor at ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Stefan Schmid heads the Chair of International Management and Strategic Management at ESCP Europe, Campus Berlin. He is the Academic Dean for the Executive MBA and the General Management Programme at ESCP Europe. He teaches International Management and Strategic Management in graduate programmes, post-graduate programmes and Ph.D. programmes. He is also actively involved in various executive education programmes.

Course taught by Stefan Schmid in the programme:

  • International management (term 1)

View the entire vita of Stefan Schmid.

Prof. Marion Festing

Professer at ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Marion Festing holds the Chair of Human Resource Management & Intercultural Leadership at the Berlin Campus.She is Academic Director of the Talent Management Institute (TMI) and of the Excellence Centre of Intercultural Management (CIM).

Her areas of Expertise in research and teaching focus on international human resource management (main focus: strategies, compensation, careers), global leadership, strategic human resource management, intercultural management and globalization processes.

Course taught by Marion Festing in the programme:

  • Intercultural management (term 1)

Prof. Leon Laulusa

Professor at ESCP Europe, Paris Campus

Leon Laulusa is Executive Vice-President, Dean for Academic Affairs and International Relations at ESCP Europe. He is also Professor in the Financial Reporting and Audit department. His teaching encompasses financial accounting, audit, corporate governance, management accounting and control, management practices in China.

Course taught by Leon Laulusa in the programme:

  • Doing business with China (term 2)



Prof. Rolf Brühl

Professor at ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Rolf Brühl holds the Chair of Management Control at the ESCP Europe Berlin.  In his research he focuses on behavioural accounting, CSR reporting, social accounts, trust repair and business ethics.

Courses taught by Rolf Brühl in the programme:

  • Managing complexity (term 4)
  • Business ethics (elective, term 4)



Prof. Markus Bick

Professor at ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Markus Bick is professor of Business Information Systems at ESCP Europe Berlin campus. His main research interests and activities are related to knowledge management, e-learning, convergent systems, ambient intelligence, and simulation.

Course taught by Markus Bick in the programme:

  • Business IT (elective, term 4)



Prof. Michael Troege

Professor at ESCP Europe, Paris Campus

Michael Troege is professor of Finance and his research focuses on game theory and commercial banking. In particular, he is studying the competitive interaction of banks in credit markets. In addition to his academic research, Professor Troege has served as a consultant specializing on the intersection of antitrust and finance. He also regularly participates in training programs for banks and multi-national corporations on a range of investment, financing, and valuation issues.

Course taught by Michael Troege in the programme:

  • Financial decision making (term 2)



Prof. Nathalie Prime

Professor at ESCP Europe, Paris Campus

Nathalie Prime is a Professor of International marketing and cross-cultural management at ESCP Europe, Paris Campus and holds the chair of the European Department of Marketing at ESCP Europe.

Her teaching and research is focused on four main areas: managing and working across cultures, international business negotiation, international marketing and, finally, international management. Her industry work notably concerns the automotive and the retailing and distribution sectors. Her geographical and cultural areas of interests are Europe and fast growing economies, especially in South Asia, Africa and the Middle-East.

Course taught by Nathalie Prime in the programme:

  • International Marketing (term 2)

Prof. Louis-David Benyayer

Affiliate Professor at ESCP-Europe, Paris Campus

Louis-David Benyayer is Affiliate Professor at ESCP-Europe, Paris Campus, where he is involved in the Entrepreneurship Chair, the Iot Chair and the Big Data chair.

Course taught by Louis-David Benyayer in the programme:

  • Business plan writing (term 2)

Anna Souakri

Anna Souakri, Ph.D.candidate

Anna Souakri is a current Ph.D. student at ESCP Europe Paris. Specialising in Interaction biases arising from similarity/dissimilarity in the venture capitalist-entrepreneur dyad in a cross-cultural view.

Course taught by Anna Souakri in the programme:

  • Entrepreneurial Finance (term 3)

Dr. Michaela Wieandt

Manager Career Services & Placement, Linking Talents Germany

Dr. Michaela Wieandt is career advisor and coach at ESCP Europe Berlin as well as associate researcher at the Talent Management Institute.

Course taught by Michaela Wieandt in the programme:

  • Career Development (term 1)

External Professionals

Dr. Julie Guth

Prof. Sylvie Geisendorf

Affiliate lecturer, Berlin Campus

Having worked in management consulting for several years as well as developing and setting up new education programs, Ms. Guth gained comprehensive knowledge in supporting students in acquiring new skills and expertise.

Course taught by Julie Guth in the programme:

  • Global Entrepreneurship (term 1)



Dr. Philipp Baecker

Strategy Consultant Bain & Company


Dr. Baecker is consultant at our strategic partner Bain & Company for over ten years with a focus on digitalisation and new technologies.

Course taught by Dr. Baecker in the programme:

  • Managing emerging technologies (term 1)