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MSc in Strategy and Digital Business

Why study this Master?


Get ready for the job market in a digital world

The requirements of the job market are changing quickly. Companies are becoming more digital and increasingly work in an agile way. This is not only true for start-ups. Today, some of the largest companies in the world like Facebook, Google or Tencent are digital companies. This requires a new set of skills from graduates, which you will learn in this master programme. You will learn how to code, how to manage agile projects, how digital marketing is done and how you can use design thinking to come up with new products or services. The goal of the program is not to make you a full scale programmer or digital marketer. However, as a business graduate, you will be able to communicate and understand the specialists in the company and can directly work with them on projects.

Expand your critical thinking skills

Complex problem solving skills and critical strategic thinking are crucial skills to be able to make sense of the increasingly complex and dynamic world, we work in. As part of the Master in Strategy and Digital Business programme, you will learn how to structure and solve complex problems and get a broad overview about major technological trends such as Blockchain or Virtual Reality. Also, you will discuss which effects these technologies will have on specific industries and how to best react to them from a strategic point of view.

Understand the Chinese market

China has developed into a technological powerhouse. Many highly innovative companies have originated there. At the same time, it is one of the most quickly growing markets in the world. Getting an understanding of the culture and market dynamics in China is thus very important. This is why learning a basic level of Mandarin is a mandatory part of the programme. In addition, you will learn how to do business in China and how this dynamic market will develop in the future

Learn from academia and practice

The Master in Strategy and Digital Business is based on a close collaboration between academia and practice. This ensures that you get a balanced picture of research-based insights and foundational knowledge in the respective domains, while at the same time learn first-hand from the practitioners who implement these concepts in companies and start-ups. This involves co-teaching of courses by executives, fireside chats and applied projects with corporate partners that allow you to directly apply what you have learned in a real-world scenario.