MSc in Marketing & Creativity

Creative Seminars

A unique and popular feature of the MSc in Marketing & Creativity is the series of Creative Seminars held with leading London- and Paris-based creative organisations in fields such as music, fashion, design, film, architecture and advertising. 

Guided by expert speakers and company visits, students explore the application of creativity and innovation in each category, and how they are integrated with the business aspects.

In follow-up sessions, students get the chance to discuss the learning from their immersive experience and analyse the ways in which it can be applied more generally to marketing management.

The Seminars and Workshops for any given year may vary, but the list below indicates the range and type of sessions offered. 

Companies who have taken part include:

  • Alan Baxter Associates (Design & Engineering)
  • Brilliant Films (Film Production Company)
  • English Touring Opera (Performing Arts)
  • Golden Goose (Product Licensing)
  • Good Pilot (Art Marketing)
  • Hearst Digital (Publishing)
  • Institut Français de la Mode (Fashion)
  • Jones Knowles Ritchie (Brand & Packaging Design)
  • LEGO (Consumer Communities)
  • The Tate Gallery (Museums & Galleries)
  • (Transportation App)

and as individuals:

  • Edward Smith (Music Management)
  • Dr Geoffrey Tyack (Architecture)
  • Andrew Boddington/Alice D. Cooper (Customer Relationship Marketing)
  • Simon Ferniot (Entrepreneurship)


  • Creative London
  • Presentation Skills
  • Creativity as Craft
  • Storytelling Skills
  • Mirror Briefing
  • Big Data

What our students say...

MMK students Evita Karfi and Louis Rached

Evita Karfi (Greece) and Louis Rached (Lebanon)
Master in Marketing & Creativity
Class of 2013

During the first week of the Parisian term, the Master in Marketing & Creativity students were invited to the Institut Français de la Mode to attend very interesting lectures dealing with trends and marketing. For those who don't know, IFM is a higher-level establishment for teaching, executive education, and expertise for the textile, fashion, luxury and design industries. The IFM enables postgraduate students to follow high-level programmes in both management and design; breaking down the barriers between them and showing that the industry is a mixture of products, brands, culture and design.

We started our first day with a session with a Trend Analyst; she discussed the Trend Forecasting work she has been doing for the last 20 years. Later that day we met with a luxury-marketing expert and IFM teacher, who discussed the history of luxury and the main trends happening nowadays, particularly those in China and India).

The first day ended with two exhibitions at the IFM, Balenciaga and Comme des Garçons. Balenciaga's showcased the evolution of his elegant dresses along the years, starting with the detailed and complex textures and ending with a simple, subtle and very modern style in the last years of his life. Comme des Garçons showcased a group of oddly shaped white wedding gowns that addressed the status of women in Japan.

The next day, we met up with the former CEO of Kenzo Perfumes and the person responsible for the huge success of the Kenzo Flower perfume. We discussed with her the whole process of creating a new product. She noted that, "creativity comes from how you live outside the company," and gave us guidance on presenting a brief.

We spent the last part of our day with a former Nike consumer culture and innovation manager, someone who combined both consumer insights and the latest trend research in order to come up with new creative and innovative products.