SALES 4.0 - MSc in International Sales Management

Key Features

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  • Degree: Master of Science in International Sales Management (MSc)

  • Start: September, 24 months (six trimesters) including an internship (three months) and a Master thesis (three months)

  • Language: English

  • Locations: Berlin (core courses, electives, consultancy project); Paris (core course)

  • Credit points (ECTS): 120 ECTS

  • Study focus: Mastering the selling function, managing a sales force, designing and managing channels of distribution, mastering selling & sales challenges in the face of globalization

  • Course structure

    • Lecture based learning on state-of-the art knowledge in behavioural foundations, selling & sales  techniques, international business, sales force management, and channel & distribution management.

    • Project-based practicing of contemporary consulting procedures in the field of selling & sales

    • Elective courses in the field of strategy and in functional management specialisations

    • Preparatory courses for planning and conducting a research thesis

    • Compulsory courses for two foreign languages (different levels) and personal career development

                      For more information please view What You Study.

  • Study fees: EUR 23,100