SALES 4.0 - MSc in International Sales Management

Who Should Apply

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Who should apply? (pdf)

This Master is the right choice if you have...

  • A Bachelor degree of a state-approved higher education institution in any discipline with a minimum of 180 ECTS (300 ECTS will be needed to award the Master degree)
  • Fluency in English (TOEFL written 600; TOEFL IBT: 100; TOEFL computer-based: 250; IELTS: 7). Candidates without documentary proof can pass a language test during the interview session
  • Pre-experience (no job experience required; if given, maximum two years)


Target group:

Bachelor graduates from programmes in business, engineering, social sciences and others, with career ambitions in:

  • Commercial selling & sales (retail, services, financial, …)
  • Industrial & technical selling & sales (technology, IT, automotive, …)
  • Selling & sales for digital business (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, …)
  • Selling & sales for start-up companies and new market entrants

  • working for international business consultancies

Meet the Students!

Nicola Sibler, Master of International Sales Management
Student of Master in International Sales Management, German, 28 years old

Meet the students!

Nicola Sibler currently studies the Master of International Sales Management on our campus in Berlin. As it may be helpful to the next class, he would like to give a few background information on his person.

What did you do before you started your Master degree?

After finishing my bachelor degree in International Management, I started my own business concerning the sublease of cinema screens, out of regular opening hours, exclusively to clients passionate about playing video games. The development of this new business model, established in cooperation with a local cinema, made me use the skills I had developed so far. Moreover, it showed me that more expertise in sales will be crucial to develop my future ideas.

Why did you decide to study the Master in International Sales Management at ESCP Europe?

After two years of experience in the field of sales in an international context, I felt encouraged to further specialize in this new academic discipline. The result of my research was that ESCP Europe understood the need of well-educated sales managers and offered a similar study program. Therefore, I'm convinced that I have made the right decision to study such a unique master at ESCP Europe.

What are your plans after your graduation?

Actually, I’m yet undecided for which branch I would like to work later on. Most likely I will take a step towards the promotion of luxury products, but certainly there are other fields that attract my attention as well.