Key Facts


The Paris Ph.D. programme is accredited to deliver the French « doctorat en sciences de gestion » within the Ecole Doctorale de Management Panthéon Sorbonne (n°559)


40 Professors habilitated to supervise Doctoral Research

Key Performance Indicators

59 defenses since the launch of the programme in 2003 

Average duration of a Ph.D.: 4,2 years


44% of Foreign Students, 17 nationalities

Contact us

Christine Rocque
Paris Doctoral Programme Manager
tel: +33 1 49 23 20 33


Paris Ph.D. Programme


Students - ESCP Europe Doctoral Programme

Doing a Ph.D. is a great intellectual journey, and the foundation of a professional trajectory.  At ESCP Europe, we take these two pillars of any PhD project very seriously.  Our Ph.D programme offers a great environment to do your Ph.D.  Our Ph.D. students are provided not only with the indispensable academic and financial guidance but also with social and moral support.  Far beyond their viva, this supportive environment is a cornerstone for their academic identity.

Our programme fosters:

Diversity: our Ph.D. students constitute a diverse community in terms of nationality, gender, and professional experience. All types of methodological inclinations are most welcomed.  We value exchanges with PhD students from the Berlin campus and actively support international exposure of our PhD students.

Efficiency: more than 80% of our alumni take on an academic position after their Ph.D. Every year an average of 10 viva take place, the average length of a PhD in our programme is 4.2 years. 

Adaptability: we train our PhD students to become excellent scholars and teachers with a unique cursus developing academic writing skills, theorisation and analytical skills and pedagogical skills. For us it is important to provide our Ph.D. students with the equipment they need to become well-balanced academics.

Join our unique programme in the vibrant city of Paris and become part of our dynamic Ph.D. students’ community!

Pr. Claire Dambrin
Dean, Ph.D. Programme