Paris Ph.D. Programme

Supervision skills

Sustainability & CSR

Aurélien ACQUIER

  • Social and Environmental Responsibility issues in Global Value Chains
  • Circular economy: institutional and market transformations
  • Alternative organizations (coops, open source) and the social good
  • Sharing economy, social and environmental responsibilities


Valentina CARBONE

  • Institutional and Organisational dimensions of Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Business & Society interfaces in alternative business models : Sharing Economy, Circular Economy
  • Corporate social and environmental responsibility
  • Interpretative methods.



  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management (especially sourcing and global sourcing issues)
  • Circular Economy Strategies, Indicators and Impacts
  • Buyer-Supplier relationships and impact on performance (especially the Automotive and Aerospace industries)
  • Empirical Methods: Case Studies, Survey (not analytic modelling)


Valérie MOATTI

  • Strategic dimension of supply chain management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Innovation strategies
  • Fashion industry and technology