Point of View

"While just completing my first year as a Ph.D. student at ESCP Europe, I would like to share my enthusiasm for this rich and eventful year. On top of the traditional Ph.D. training, what I particularly value at ESCP Europe is the international environment to conduct research, numerous exchanges with my peers from various fields of study and from all over the world, and the autonomy I was granted to write my thesis as I wish. In addition, I feel that I receive full support and attention not only from my director but also from many other faculty members in my own discipline. Last, I wish to emphasize how I deeply value the responsibility I was granted to conduct my own teaching in regular classes. This is a sizable and profound experience that I feel one can never start too early as a Ph.D. student. I can only recommend every interested party to join this program."

Charles-Henri Reuter, Ph.D. Student

Paris Ph.D. Programme


Students - ESCP Europe Ph.D. Programme


The workshops gather the doctorates from every year. They are additional to the courses and in relation with the content of the curriculum. The workshops are very open in both content and form as well as to opportunities, demands and exchanges. The speakers can be doctorates, ESCP professors, guest speakers… An active participation of the doctorates in the organization and the animation of the workshops is to be hoped for.
There are four workshops:

  • “Researching methods” Workshop
  • “Teaching methods” Workshop
  • Thesis progress Workshop
  • Writing Workshop

Each workshop takes place once a month, for about 3 hours.
The total amounts to about 100 hours of training.