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Béatrice COLLIN
Director of the Institute
T +33 1 49 23 27 52
Paris Campus / République

Co-director of the Institute
Paris Campus / République

Fatou Ndella NDIAYE
Project Manager (Intern)
T +33 1 49 23 58 38
Paris Campus / République


Every two weeks, renowned experts and business leaders share their analysis on topical international issues.

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IEI - International & European Institute



With the aim of enhancing its C4B (Cultures For Business) Strategy, in the Autumn of 2017, ESCP Europe launches the European & International Institute, a forum for reflection, propositions and action, at the crossroads of three major fields:

  • The business world,
  • European and international politics, and
  • Intercultural management.


Create knowledge and expertise

The academic resources of ESCP Europe coupled with the experience of the highly-qualified professionals who will intervene in our conferences and seminars, will allow our Institute to create a network of knowledge and skills, with the aim of fuelling the public debate with expertise.

By virtue of its multidisciplinary nature, our Institute aspires to become a major source of expertise in business, governance and intercultural management challenges.

Generate innovative solutions

Our Institute is also an Act Tank, as we aim to generate solutions to European and international challenges, through collaborative reflection. Hence, our activities will put an emphasis on research, development and innovation, for the purpose of forging tomorrow’s expertise.

Areas of work

Europe in global governance

Resolutely dedicated to tackling European challenges, the Institute intends to generate research around these major governance issues:  

  • European governance in global geopolitics
  • European integration in the wake of the Brexit
  • European development cooperation

Business, diplomacy and leadership

By pursuing complementary approaches (business, international relations and intercultural management), the Institute intends to develop a range of expertise on the following topics:

  • Corporate strategy in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous)
  • Transformational leadership in a changing world
  • Corporate Diplomacy Insights
  • Integrate social impact and sustainability into business practices

European companies in globalization

Committed to its European and international perspective, the Institute is committed to the promotion of European companies and European management models. Thus, our event programming will be regularly enhanced by research projects and symposiums tackling:

  • The place of the European market in globalization
  • The challenges of investment and innovation in Europe
  • The future of European industries
  • The keys to success of European companies in global competitiveness

Initiatives & Projects