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Olivier Delbard

Sustainability Coordinator

A signatory of the UN Global Compact and of the UN PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education), ESCP Europe aims to promote the respect of humanistic values and diversity, the importance of culture and cultural knowledge to tend towards a better social and economic world.

Sustainability has then full meaning as a decision making tool and overall a creative value-added vision.



Sustainability concerns are integrated in all of our various programmes as well as executive education trainings across our campuses in Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Torino.

ESCP Europe’s research mission is also designed to access our societal and economic environment and contributes to knowledge production and innovation in the area of sustainability. Thus faculty develops expertise and research on such various areas as environmental economics; European Union CSR and environmental policy; environmental audit; green supply chain management; strategy and sustainability; ethics; sustainability management; new sustainable business models, sustainability development and corporate social responsibility; sustainable logistics, and many more.

To note:

  • SustBusy (Business & Society -Towards a Sustainable World), our research center dedicated to sustainability questions, based on our Berlin campus

  • i7, the school’s Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness, constantly concerned with sustainability matters

  • ESCP Europe’s commitment with Ecolo Ethik, a ThinkTank for ecological innovation led by prestigious personalities