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Tel Aviv University

ESCP Europe Exchange Partners: Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University
The Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration
Ramat Aviv
Tel Aviv 69 978

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Tel Aviv University (TAU) is a public university located in Ramat Aviv. It is the largest university of higher education in the Middle East and the biggest Jewish university in the world.
The Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration at Tel Aviv University, established in 1966, is home to world-class scholars, students of high calibre and alumni holding key positions in the Israeli business community and public administration. Recanati is one of Israel’s largest and most prestigious business schools. It also enjoys active ties with all segments of the business sector. It was Israel's first business school to be awarded AACSB accreditation. The business school conducts a wide variety of international activities, such as international MBA programs, student exchange partnerships, and global field studies.