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The Academic Director’s point of view

"Experienced managers in an increasingly international environment.
This observation has encouraged LISI AEROSPACE and ESCP Europe to opt for a totally international training. Thus, EXPAND participants consist of two groups, one Francophone, the other Anglophone, to enable everyone to enjoy the educational content in their native language while being together regularly in training sessions and also during moments of conviviality. This is the major pedagogical originality of this programme, that I have had the pleasure of managing since 2011.


In addition, it is very challenging to work with LKI, the LISI AEROSPACE company university. We share similar teaching approaches. Also, the anchoring of learning is one of our major concerns.
Each participant keeps a logbook thoughtout the training: it is used to record areas of personal development and can be helpful when returning to work environment. It will be the right tool to transition from thought to action when when writing a document called the "MAP" (My Action Plan).
At the end of each EXPAND module the participant reflects on the connection between the module and the skills and managerial behaviour identified by the COMEX of LISI AEROSPACE.    
Several months after the programme’s end, the participants meet their Manager and the HR Development Manager of LISI AEROSPACE for feedback on the programme."

Robert Piret,
ESCP Europe

The participants' point of view

"The overall EXPAND path was a bit challenging. It was effective in providing insight for management effectiveness"

"Very positive training experience"

"Très bon équilibre des sessions"

"Enormément d’échanges d’expériences entre participants, ce qui est aussi enrichissant que la formation"

Executive Education: Customised programmes for companies

Focus on the "EXPAND" Programme - LISI AEROSPACE

Support the development of a team-based management

executive education participants on the "EXPAND" Programme - LISI AEROSPACE

Since December 2011, LISI AEROSPACE has entrusted the design and running of the EXPAND programme within its company university, the LISI AEROSPACE Knowledge Institute (LKI).

- 3 co-designed modules with an international vision (managers from all over the world, a single programme, 2 language groups, 60% of the common training in English)
- 3 management fields: team management, change management and performance management.
- 12 days of training over 9 months to share experience with peers from all over the world.



HR Director


Why this programme?

The EXPAND programme was designed to enable managers to transition from technical/professional management to team-based management by strengthening and developing their role of manager in coordination with their team.
EXPAND offers our managers the opportunity to meet, exchange experience and develop their managerial practices.

Why did we choose ESCP Europe?

ESCP Europe provides solid proposals, high-quality speakers and professors with international backgrounds; that’s what made the difference. The programme coordination, with a dedicated project manager who takes the assessment and improvement of the programme to heart, is indeed a great asset for the School.

Can you tell us more about the projets, the common theme of the modules?

Each group of trainees is divided and given a strategic project for LISI AEROSPACE. From day 1, these project groups work on their subject with their internal sponsor; they continue to have meetings inside and outside the programme until the presentation of the project to the Jury at the end of the programme.

After two successive programmes, is it possible to make any conclusions?

The EXPAND programme is a real success. For the moment, the results are only noticeable at an individual level: each participant has grown during the programme and has acquired a better understanding of the company and their peers.
Some have continued their “Peer Coaching” after the programme; everybody recommends this to their peers and collaborateurs. What amazing proof of the relevance of the programme!
However, success does not necessarily equal perfection, and we continue to work on the teaching after each programme. We will let you know after the completion of the 3rd programme whose launch is planned for Winter 2015.

What adjective would you use to describe the programme? Why?

"Ambitious". The launch was a gamble. Each time, we have to reach out to two different language groups, sending the same messages with sublety and depth. It wasn’t easy, but we did it!


Contact: Paris campus

Karine Maxence
+ 33 1 55 65 56 30