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The Creativity Marketing Centre (CMC)

The Creativity Marketing Centre at ESCP Europe

The Creativity Marketing Centre (CMC) is a platform for thought-leadership and knowledge exchange on the role of creativity as a driving force of value in marketing.

The Centre brings together academics, marketing practitioners and experts from all sectors, eager to participate in harnessing creativity to rethink the rules of the game in marketing. The Centre engages in cutting edge academic research on creativity and its role in strategic rethinking and marketing. Marketers need creativity, alongside rigorous analysis, to leverage the opportunities and meet the challenges that result from volatile contexts, markets redefined by interactive and mobile technologies, and the ever increasing expectations of diversified stakeholders for transparency and engagement.

The work of the CMC supports the curriculums of both the MSc in Marketing & Creativity and the Executive Master in Marketing & Creativity, and the Strategic Marketing Masterclass Series

Research Themes

Big Data
What questions to ask of "big" data and how to integrate results into a marketing strategy are daunting issues because of the unfathomable amounts and sophistication of the data. Based on the premise that creativity is a key factor in marketers' ability to capture the full value of big data, we  identify key opportunities, challenges and best practices in creative approaches to extracting greater value from big data in marketing.

Creativity Marketing Ecosystem

Although marketing scholars have recognised the role of creativity in marketing, it has been severely underestimated in the academic literature.  A new marketing paradigm, Service Dominant Logic (Vargo and Lusch, 2004) focuses on the co-creation of value between firms and their stakeholders, including customers, and therefore provides a very rich framework for further exploration of the role of creativity in marketing. We propose a systemic ecosystem which recognises the interdependence between the individual and organisational processes of creativity as well as the strategic role of creativity-enhancing systems and processes that bring stakeholders together in producing creative outcomes and, as a result, value for the firm and its stakeholders.  This current work aims to contribute to the broader streams of research on organisational creativity, creativity in strategy, creativity in marketing and Service Dominant Logic. 

Consumers and Creativity
We examine how consumers collectively contribute their creativity through online conversations. To explain the mechanisms leading to collective creative outcomes, we analyse interactions in which individual consumers come together as a collectively creative group. Our contribution is the identification of specific processes driving collective creativity and factors facilitating them.

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CMC Director

Marie Taillard - Director of the CMC at ESCP Europe

Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe and Director of the CMC

Tel: +44 (0)20 7443 8862