Scientific Director:
Prof. Dr. Charlotte Gaston-Breton

ESCP Europe Madrid campus
Calle Arroyofresno, 1
28035 Madrid
Phone: +34 911 719 006

Research Assistant:
Dr. Maria Cristina De Stefano

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Happiness & Management Research Centre

Happiness Management Research Centre - ESCP Europe


Despite the fact that happiness has been studied in many fields
(i.e., sociology, psychology, philosophy) since the early times, it is relatively new in the economic field. Especially, the pursuit of the happiness of employees, consumers or even students is a key aspect that needs further understanding.

In this context of economic recession which underlines the decrease in humanistic values, we believe that this research center underlines the key underlying values of ESCP Europe.

The ESCP Europe Research Center “Happiness & Management” is multi-cultural (15 researchers from Europe and US), multi-disciplinary (expertise in Human Resource Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior) and multi-methods (both quantitative and quantitative).

We propose 3 inter-disciplinary research lines in order to address the following questions in the Management field:

  • Project 1: What are the drivers of Happiness?

    • Drivers of Consumer Happiness
    • Drivers of Employee Happiness

  • Project 2: How to measure Happiness and its consequences

    • Happiness index for organizations and brands
    • The relationships between Consumption and Happiness
    • The relationships between Performance and Happiness

  • Project 3: Under which situations Happiness increase or decrease?

    • Social influence
    • Cultural influence
    • Individuals’ difference

Scientific Director

Charlotte Gaston-Breton
Associate Professor in Marketing | Academic Director of the MSc in Marketing and Digital Media | ESCP Europe (Madrid Campus)