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Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals (PRJ)

GALINDO, G. (2017), À la recherche d’un idéal-type pour caractériser la GRH de la start-up high-tech, REVUE DE GESTION DES RESSOURCES HUMAINES, 103, 55-70.

ACQUIER, A., CARBONE, V. and D. MASSÉ (2017), A quoi pensent les institutions? Théorisation et institutionnalisation du champ de l'économie collaborative, REVUE FRANCAISE DE GESTION, accepted.

VISCONTI, L. (2017), A Semiotic Strategy to Branding: Creating Value: The Theory and Practice of Marketing Semiotics Research, Laura R. Oswald, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MARKETING, Vol. 51, n° 5/6, in press.

JOHNSEN, T., MIEMCZYK, J. and M. HOWARD (2017), A systematic literature review of sustainable purchasing and supply research: Theoretical perspectives and opportunities for IMP-based research, INDUSTRIAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT, 61, 130-143.

ANAGNOSTOPOULOU, S. (2017), Accounting Quality and Loan Pricing: The Effect of Cross-Country Differences in Legal Enforcement, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING (THE), in press.

SCHMIDT, M. (2017), Aligning financial and management accounting policies: what drives integration? - empirical evidence from German IFRS 8 segment reports, Advances in Management Accounting, accepted.

BIEREY, M. and M. SCHMIDT (2017), Banks’ use of accounting discretion and regulatory intervention: The case of European banks’ impairments on Greek Government Bonds, The International Journal of Accounting, (forthcoming), 20p.

ANDRE, K., BUREAU, S., RUBEL, O. and A. GAUTIER (2017), Beyond the Opposition between Altruism and Self-Interest: Reciprocal Giving in Reward-Based Crowdfunding, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, accepted.

VOYER, B., KASTANAKIS, M. and A. RHODE (2017), Co-creating stakeholder and brand identities: A cross-cultural consumer perspective, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, 70, 399 - 410.

BEN MAHMOUD-JOUINI, S., PARIS, T. and S. BUREAU (2017), Developing Knowledge from Entrepreneurial Actions - Towards a taxonomy, JOURNAL OF SMALL BUSINESS AND ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT, accepted.

BUDHATHOKI, T., SCHMITT, J. and N. MICHAELIDOU (2017), Does Culture Impact Private Label Performance, INTERNATIONAL MARKETING REVIEW, accepted.

VON WALLPACH, S., MÜHLBACHER, H., KASTANAKIS, M. and B. VOYER (2017), Editorial: Co-creating stakeholder and brand identities, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, 70, 395 – 398.

DAUTH, T., PRONOBIS, P. and S. SCHMID (2017), Exploring the Link between Internationalization of Top Management and Accounting Quality: The CFO’s International Experience Matters, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW, Vol. 26, No. 1, pp. 71-88.

TROEGE, M., AMIR, R. and J. JIN (2017), Free Trade versus Autarky under Asymmetric Cournot Oligopoly, Review of International Economics.

VELD, M. and K. ALFES (2017), Human Resource Management, Climate and Employee Well-being: Comparing an Optimistic and Critical Perspective, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (THE), accepted.

PETRI, J. and F. JACOB (2017), Hunting for value, Journal of Creating Value, 1-13.

TSE, T., ESPOSITO, M. and K. SOUFANI (2017), Is the Circular Economy a New Fast-Expanding Market?, THUNDERBIRD INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW, 51 (1), 9 - 14.

BERTREL, J. P. (2017), Les rapprochements capitalistiques entre notaires et professionnels du chiffre, DROIT ET PATRIMOINE, n° 265.

BASSE MAMA, H. and A. BASSEN (2017), Neglected Disciplinary Effects of Investor Relations: Evidence from Corporate Cash Holdings, Journal of Business Economics, Vol. 87, Issue 2, pp. 221-261.

KUPP, M. and L. D. BENYAYER (2017), Responding to open business models, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS STRATEGY, accepted.

BRÜHL, R. and P. RICHTER (2017), Shared service center research: A review of the past, present, and future, EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, 35, 1, 26 - 38.

BUREAU, S. and A. KOMPOROZOS-ATHANASIOU (2017), Teaching subversion in the Business School: an ‘improbable’ encounter, MANAGEMENT LEARNING, 1, 48, 39-56.

ANAGNOSTOPOULOU, S. and A. TSEKREKOS (2017), The Effect of Financial Leverage on Real and Accrual-based Earnings Management, ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS RESEARCH, 47 (2), 191-236.

GEISENDORF, S. and C. KLIPPERT (2017), The Effect of Green Investments in an Agent-Based Climate-Economic Model, Environmental Modeling & Assessment.

LAROCHE, P. and M. SALESINA (2017), The Effects of Union and Nonunion Forms of Employee Representation on High-Performance Work Systems: New Evidence from French Microdata, HUMAN RESSOURCE MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, 56 (1), 173 - 189.

SCHWORM, S., CADIN, L., CARBONE, V., FESTING, M., LEON, E. and M. MURATBEKOVA-TOURON (2017), The impact of international business education on career success - Evidence from Europe, EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, in press.

VOYER, B. and M. KASTANAKIS (2017), The Importance of Developing A Multi-Epistemological Framework for Studying Co-creation Research: A Reply to Csaba (2016), JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, Volume 70, January 2017, 414–415.

SAUNDERS, L., TATE, W., ZSIDISIN, G. and J. MIEMCZYK (2017), The Influence of Network Exchange Brokers on Sustainable Initiatives in Organizational Networks, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, accepted.

BASSE MAMA, H. (2017), The interaction between stock prices and corporate investment: Is Europe different?, Review of Managerial Science, Vol. 11, Issue 2, pp. 315-351.

ALFES, K., ANTUNES, B. and A. SHANTZ (2017), The management of volunteers – What can human resources do? A review and research agenda, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (THE), 28, Issue 1, 62-97.

ALFES, K., BAILEY, C., MADDEN, A. and L. FLETCHER (2017), The Meaning, Antecedents and Outcomes of Employee Engagement: A Narrative Synthesis, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT REVIEWS, Vol. 19, Issue 1, 31-53.

BALAZS, K. (2017), The most powerful man in the world, EUROPEAN BUSINESS REVIEW, January-February 2017.

ANAGNOSTOPOULOU, S., FERENTINOU, A., TSAOUSIS, P. and A. TSEKREKOS (2017), The Options Market Reaction to Bank Loan Announcements, JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL SERVICES RESEARCH, in press.

LE MANH, A. (2017), The Role and Current Status of IFRS in the Completion of National Accounting Rules – Evidence from France, in: Paul André, ACCOUNTING IN EUROPE, in press.

BIEREY, M. and M. SCHMIDT (2017), What drives the consequences of intentional misstatements? Evidence from rating analysts’ reactions, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 44 (1) & (2), 295–333 (39p).

BAILEY, C., MADDEN, A., ALFES, K. and L. FLETCHER (2017), What is engagement and does it matter? A narrative evidence synthesis and research agenda, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT REVIEWS, 19, Issue 1, 31-53.

BANCEL, F. and L. SALE (2017), Why do banks hold cash ?, in: Prof. Franck Bancel, ESCP-Europe, BANKERS MARKETS AND INVESTORS, 146, 4-20.

AYKAC, T., WILKEN, R., JACOB, F. and N. PRIME (2017), Why teams achieve higher negotiation profits than individuals: The mediating role of deceptive tactics, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL MARKETING, 32(4).

GALINDO, G. and H. ZANNAD (2017), « Diplôme et carrière : un lien indéfectible ? Le cas d'une grande entreprise de télécommunication », REVUE MANAGEMENT ET AVENIR, n°92.

Edited Books (Peer Reviewed)

VOYER, B. and T. TARANTOLA (Eds) (2017), Moral Psychology: A Multidisciplinary Guide, Springer, accepted.

Books and TextBooks

KRETZ, G. and B. VOYER (2017), Luxury Brand Marketing & Strategy, Sage, accepted.

THOMAS, P. (2017), Principes de Finance d'Entreprise: Création de valeur, Collection Master, RB édition, 2ème.


SCHMID, S. and F. ALTFELD (2017), Airbus: Managing the Legacy of a Complex International Merger, in: Burr, W. and Stephan, M. (Eds.), Technologie, Strategie und Organisation. Festschrift für Alexander Gerybadze, Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden, Gabler Edition, pp. 287-308.

TAILLARD, M. and A. MUNIZ, JR. (2017), Co-constructing Institutions One Brick at a Time: Appropriation and Deliberation on Lego Ideas, in: Michael Solomon and Tina Lowrey, Routledge Companion to Consumer Behavior, Routledge, accepted.

JACOB, F. and A. SEBALD (2017), Mobile Dienstleistungen, in: Corsten, Hans; Roth, Stefan, Handbuch Dienstleistungsmanagement, Franz Vahlen, 445-460.

KAPLAN, A. (2017), Social Media, Definition and History, in: ALHAJJ R., ROKNE J., Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining (2nd edition), Springer.

DESLANDES, G. (2017), To Be or not to Be a Dot? Philosophy of Management and the Subjective Body, in: Rendtorff, Jacob Dahl (Ed.), Perspectives on Philosophy of Management and Business Ethics, Springer, 47-60.

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

DESLANDES, G. (2017), Against the Aporia of Leadership: an ontological approach, 5th International OFEL Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship, 7-8 April, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

DESLANDES, G. (2017), Discussing the Four Ontological Categories of Leadership, 2nd Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Leadership Symposium, 4-6 May, Mykonos, Greece.

DESLANDES, G. (2017), Managing by a Menu, Food Organizing Matters: Paradoxes, Problems and Potentialities, 18-20 May, Crete, Greece.

Non-Peer Reviewed Conference Presentations

LEBAN, M. and B. VOYER (2017), Exploring the concept of beauty in consumer research: a multidisciplinary framework & research agenda, presented at: , Global Fashion Management Conference, GAMMA, July 6th-9th, 2017, Vienna, Austria.

DOVGIALO, K. and B. VOYER (2017), The influence of consumption values and self-construal on the purchase of (in)conspicuous luxury goods and shopping preferences: a questionnaire study, presented at: , Global Fashion Management Conference, GAMMA, July 6th-9th, 2017, Vienna, Austria.

SANGLÉ-FERRIÈRE, M. and B. VOYER (2017), Understanding Perceptions Of Chat As A Customer Assistance Channel, presented at: , Annual Conference, EMAC Annual Conference,, May 23 - May 26 2017, Groningen, Netherlands.

Non-Peer Reviewed Journals articles

MAIER, E. and R. WILKEN (2017), Broad and Narrow Country-of-Origin Effects and Domestic Country Bias, Journal of Global Marketing, accepted.

FEL, F. and E. GRIETTE (2017), Near-reshoring your supplies from China : a good deal for financial motives too, in: Hugues Poissonnier, Strategic Direction, Strategic Management of External, vol 33, issue 2, 24-26.

Published Case Studies

THOMAS, P. and J. BODEZ (2017), Acquisition de FRHI par AccorHotels, Centrale de Cas et de Médias Pédagogiques, 19 + 52 +11.

THOMAS, P. and M. BOUHOUT EL ALAMI (2017), FNAC - Darty: La FNAC a t-elle payé trop cher Darty ?, Centrale de Cas et de Médias Pédagogiques, 11 + 33 + 14.

Papers in Professional Conferences

TAFUR, J. (2017), Education and HR in the Digital Age, presented at: , Merit Summit: Learning in times of globalisation, Advent Group, 18/01/2017, Barcelona, Spain,

Press Articles

FRANKS, B. and B. VOYER (2017), What Does Agency Afford the Self? a Review of Talking to Our Selves: Reflection, Ignorance, and Agency, Behavioral and Brain Sciences.