Blue Factory Berlin

The Blue Factory Berlin is the central contact point for all ESCP Europe students, alumni, and staff members interested in founding their own venture. In close collaboration with the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Blue Factory offers custom-made training and support for preparation and implementation processes related to setting up a venture.

Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation / ChairEEEE

Prof. Dr. René Mauer

Entrepreneurship is a fascinating field that has yet to decide where it truly belongs. Many fields of research, such as economy, sociology, and psychology, strived to grasp the underlying phenomenon of ‘the entrepreneur’. The field by itself is very young, as entrepreneurship only became an independent subdomain in the 1980’s, while in Germany the first academic chairs appeared even only around 1998. Entrepreneurship remains a compelling subject, as practitioners provide fascinating success stories, educators develop exciting new approaches, and researchers are all set for tackling the challenging opportunities ahead.

- Prof. Dr. René Mauer

From left to right: Sven Scheid, Alexander Meister, Barbara Lutz, Prof. Dr. René Mauer, David Lehmann, Tabea Beutel, Dr. Julie Guth, Nicolas van de Sandt, Yanneck Handke