Recent Scientific Publication

Nagler, H., Wilken, R., de Jong, A., Schmitz, C. (2018): A multilevel approach to the process of concession-making in price negotiations. In: Die Unternehmung, forthcoming. 

Dinkevych, E., Wilken, R. (2017): What do You Think, Darling? Revisiting Knowledge on Purchase Decisions of Couples within Households. In: Marketing ZFP – Journal of Research and Management 39(4), pp. 47–58. 






Backhaus, K., Herbst, U., Voeth, M., Wilken, R. (2010): Allgemeine Betriebswirtschaftslehre – Koordination betrieblicher Entscheidungen. Springer-Verlag.



International Marketing

Prof. Dr. Robert Wilken

We are interested in concepts and methods that support marketing-related decisions in international companies. Our research projects consider both the internal and the external perspective: Concerning the internal dimension, our key area of interest is to assess the efficiency of marketing activities. The external perspective includes customer-related aspects (e.g., customers’ willingness-to-pay within the scope of pricing), and competitors (e.g., benchmarking processes). We do not restrict our investigations to business-to-consumer markets, but look at companies on industrial markets as well. Our focus in business-to-business research is the analysis of marketing negotiations (i.e., direct interactions with the customers). All research projects are based on state-of-the art statistical methods and try to gather data for cross-cultural analyses. Our teaching activities emphasize and strongly promote statistical applications as well, but we also ensure a strong link to the business world, employing case studies and inviting practitioners from different fields.

From left to right: Elena Dinkevych, Christian Kolodziejczak, Veronica Cacean, Robert Wilken, Hannah Nagler, Andreas Aigner, Magali Rebois.