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London Campus

Life at the London campus

The London campus covers over 4,000 square metres, with the main part of the building dating back to Victorian times.

There are twelve lecture rooms with seating capacities ranging from 20-150 people, and three breakout/seminar rooms for small discussion groups. In 2014 we added a dedicated Executive Education Suite to our teaching space, providing three additional lecture rooms.

Computers are available for student use in the library, Trading Room and computer room, with a total of 63 computers and three printers. Wi-fi is also available throughout the building.

Amenities include a student lounge and recreation room, simulation trading room, language lab, campus cafe and a function space, the latter of which features a magnificent fireplace and stained glass window. The Chapel (so called because it was a place of worship back when our building was an ecclesiastical college) has the original vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows. The central courtyard provides an oasis within the School and is a social hub for staff, faculty and students alike on sunny days.

Our links with the corporate world in the UK are strong, and there are many opportunities for our students to attend corporate presentations and interviews, which help them make informed decisions regarding their career plans and assist them with their internship search. More information can be found on our Events and Careers Service pages. 

Student Societies

Whether you've been doing it for years or feel like trying something new, there are an enormous variety of opportunities via student societies at the London campus! Get involved, make new friends, have fun, and be part of the student community!

Choose from:

  • Sports clubs
  • Societies
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Student media
  • Campaigning groups

Joining a student society couldn't be easier! Find one you like the sound of below and contact them directly. If you cannot find something you like, find out how to start your own student society by emailing Solene Hoyez.  

Our active London Campus societies are as follows:


Agora, Student Representation
The Agora aims to represent all students of ESCP Europe so that we can build projects to improve our School together.


Business & Entrepreneurship

Blockchain Society ESCP Europe
The core purpose of this student society is to educate our fellow students about the importance of Cryptocurrency and how it is going to affect our daily life in the future. What will we do? Events, Research Workshops, Discussing: Which wallets can we use? What can we expect from the future? How tokens and cryptocurrencies mined are (produced)? New, interesting ICOs, Learn with you about the potential of blockchains that go far beyond just cryptocurrencies, Explore the security, privacy concerns and risks regarding the blockchain, Become digital natives alongside with you and prepare ourselves for the future.

Entrepreneurship Society
The aim of the society is to give tools necessary to students at the ESCP Europe London Campus to develop their ideas into start-ups and participate in the organisation of the 3rd Edition of the Jean-Baptiste Say Entrepreneurship Festival.


ESCP Europe Energy Society 
ESCP Europe's Energy Society promotes cutting-edge research, student events and boosts collaboration with industry experts. Our purpose is for students to be able to create and present their own projects which they will further develop and complete with the support of professionals and academics. These projects would include education energy events, networking events, work experience opportunities, social activities, discussions, conferences and so on. Moreover, through running panel sessions, debates and challenging activities students will enhance their understanding of the energy world, career paths and industry information whilst developing hard skills vital to the success in future career and life.

ESCP Europe Finance Society
The aim of the society is to help students in the London campus to break into the Finance Industry. The society organised a range of activities to support students in the application process, among which: The ESCP Europe Banking Trek - a series of visits at the major Investment Banks headquarters, coaching program, with tutorial on CV and cover letter writing and mock interviews, Events and conferences with professionals, to talk about their firms, financial press topic and to network. The Finance Society is free and is open to everyone that wants to join.

ESCP Europe Trading Society 
This society is created to complement the existing Finance Society as a way of raising financial awareness among the school. We will have a regular access to the Trading Room to organise further trading games/competitions. This will lead us to create a real money portfolio too if it is possible. Depending on the Society's success by then, it could help us obtain sponsorship from different companies at the end of the year. We plan to participate in various inter-University competitions organised by Oxbridge, LSE, UCL, Warwick… Organise events such as talks and Q&A's with various speakers (Securities division employees at various levels in Investment Banks and funds; finance professors; other key individuals). Talks about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum would also be considered.
Antoine Le Goff via  

ESCP Europe Women in Finance Society
Our goal is to foster relationship within our association members, help our members in developing a passion and an interest for the world of finance, promote the involvement of top performing and motivated ESCP Europe female students and empower female students by giving them academic and professional support. Read our spotlight interview with the Women in Finance society

FLY - Young Leadership Forum
The ESCP Europe student association Young Leadership Forum holds case competitions across our six campuses, plus its annual conference in Paris. Connecting students and senior leaders to form a diverse cross-sector and multi-generational space for discussion. Many issues are not tackled effectively. We know better and have established this EUROPE-WIDE FORUM where young visionaries and leaders of today come together for the exchange of ideas. Get involved with our future and become a YOUNG LEADER.

Junior Enterprise
London branch of the Junior Enterprise in Paris campus (ESCP Europe Conseil). The junior enterprise is a local non-profit organisation entirely executed by students. We offer consulting services to the market; experiencing unique learning opportunities by doing professional project work on the one side and managing small- to medium-sized enterprises on the other, by joining us you will add practical experience to your theoretical skills and bridge the gap between academic and the business world.
Contact: (English version coming soon) 


UNITED - Joint winners of the 2018 London Student Society of the Year award!
United has the ambition of becoming one of the most famous diplomatic student societies in the UK. United wants to represent also the values of ESCP Europe and its global perspectives by inviting or exchanging with students from British universities that are interested in diplomacy. We truly believe that United can show the UK, a country divided by the much-debated Brexit, why diplomacy is so important. To achieve this truly great ambition, we need a team of students willing to represent themselves, their country and their school at the yearly YEStoUN and NMUN New York events, and an administration that supports our ideas and ideals. Check out the video from YEStoUN 2018 and our video from the NMUN event in New York City!



Cheer Up
London branch of the Cheer Up association at Paris campus. Cheer Up is a student association of young people FOR young people. It's representing 400 volunteers coming from Business Schools, Engineering Schools, and Universities throughout France. Every week we go to a hospital to cheer up the young patients suffering from cancer. This year Cheer Up is moving abroad, and we decided to choose the London Campus. If you want to join the fight, to give time for others, to do something that matters, do not hesitate and join us now! In addition to visiting young people in the hospital, we are also trying to build their projects with them. We work to raise money to help and communicate a cause that can touch every one of us.

ESCPEuropeforOthers is the new volunteering association within ESCP Europe London campus, whose main purpose is to involve volunteers to provide support to the homeless Londoners.


HeForShe Society
HeForShe ESCP Europe is part of the global solidarity movement developed by UN Women - HeForShe. Our main goal is to engage men as advocates for gender equality. The purpose of this organisation is not only to encourage the students of ESCP Europe to speak out against inequalities faced by women and girls, but also to spread awareness and spark action on the responsibility that men and boys have in eliminating all forms of discrimination against women.

UNICEF On Campus
With the support of the Unicef On Campus Programme, we aim to:

  • Raise awareness of the issues facing vulnerable children in the UK and around the world but also raise awareness for Unicef campaigns
  • Fundraise for Unicef so that they can provide food, shelter, education and healthcare to the children.
  • Support UNICEF in their efforts to protect children in danger and provide them access to healthcare, education, psychosocial support etc. 

Why you should join:

  • You get the experience of helping others and get involved in humanitarian aid
  • A chance to make the lives of vulnerable children better worldwide
  • Join an amazing team full of ideas, determination and kindness!

Your role within our society

  • Help to organise the events on campus
  • Promote and campaign for the UNICEF values and missions on campus
  • Share your ideas with the team about how to improve our actions at ESCP Europe
  • Help with fundraising events

If you are interested or have some questions, contact us at


Common Interest

Eventures – Ski Event
The Ski Event invites students of all six ESCP Europe campuses to join the main event of the cold season. Four days to discover and to seize the perfect conditions for various winter sports, to meet up with friends and colleagues, build new friendships and participate in outstanding events within a multicultural atmosphere. Next to recreational activities, participants will also be offered opportunities to take part in business and entrepreneurial in order to expand their network, especially since numerous representatives of sponsor companies and ESCP Europe alumni will attend the Ski Event.

Eventures – Regatta - Joint winners of the 2018 London Student Society of the Year award!
Regatta ESCP Europe is a yearly event organised by students of ESCP Europe Business School. 500+ participants among students, alumni and sponsors gathered together in a unique location in Italy. Sailing competitions, games, great food and much more to meet each other in a very unconventional way. Business opportunities and dedicated events to boost your network.


Luxury Society
The main aims of our society are creating strong working network for students, organising and implementing conferences and events with people from the luxury business, sharing news and relevant information. The main areas are fashion, automotive and food & beverage.


Mindfulness Student Events 
Business experts turned yoga teachers and mindfulness advocates: Ben Harrison and Jamie Rylett discuss and analyse the teachings of yoga and mindful living in application to a career in business. Their sessions covers how to select your ideal career path, how to escape from the wrong career choice, how to become a mindful organised professional and the formula for creating happiness in all that you do. If you want to get involved In the event and/or participate please contact: Florence Mele 
Watch our two Mindfulness event videos:
Mindfulness for Professionals
Mindfulness 2.0 


Music, Performance & Creative

Music Society
The aim is to gather students to share one passion: music, they are looking for singers, musicians, DJ and plan to organise one event/gig outside the school every month.



Football Club
The aim of this student society is to play football on a regular basis against other teams, or within themselves, we plan to get jerseys representing ESCP Europe and enter competitions.


Sports Society
The aim of this society is to get students sharing the same common interests together to participate in different sports activities over the weekend (at least one per month). Watch their first video! 

Tennis Society
The aim is to provide opportunities for both play and improvement to tennis players of all level. We would also like to organise a Tennis tournament.
Emilien Rougon
Eduardo Eischen 

Yoga Society
The Yoga Society is meant to promote mental and physical wellbeing and to give an introduction to yoga and meditation. Most students have never tried yoga before as it still has a stigma of being a sport for older people. Sadly yoga classes are very expensive, which is why I also want to make them accessible for everybody.
Linnea Fricke 
Elana Krüger 
Colombe Ebran 


Is your society missing from this page? Please let Alison Clarke know! 




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