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Welcome to the London campus of ESCP Europe

Prof. Simon Mercado, Director of ESCP Europe's London Campus

ESCP Europe is not just the world’s oldest business school: its capacity to innovate is also striking.

Established in 1819, we now have six campuses in Europe and a unique cultural mix. Combined, these allow the School to offer a distinctive type of business education that has contributed to our firmly established reputation as being one of the best schools of its kind today.

The School has more than 130 full-time faculty members who represent a surprising mix of cultural and academic backgrounds, their vast professional experience being something our students comment on year after year. The sheer breadth of knowledge shared by our teaching staff allows ESCP Europe to provide a wide portfolio of programmes that meet the highest academic standards; click to find out more about our accreditations. In addition to this, the European specificity of our programmes is complimented by a huge network of international partners, fostering relational and analytical skills in complex environments, as well as the flexibility and creativity so needed to take action in an increasingly uncertain world.

Combined with our unique six-campus set up, these factors ensure that participants can benefit from the School's unique European organisation to develop their ability to become effective global leaders.

The London campus is an essential part of this. Located in the most renowned world business centre where a dominant business culture prevails separate to continental Europe, it enriches our programmes through an outstanding learning experience, providing opportunities to work with world-class companies.

We hope you enjoy your time in London with ESCP Europe: the World's First Business School.

Prof. Simon Mercado
Director of ESCP Europe's London Campus

ESCP Europe in the United Kingdom

ESCP Europe in London is a registered charity in the United Kingdom (UK Registered Charity No. 293027). All contributions have a significant impact on the development of the School, supporting a range of diverse activities including research, company projects, scholarships, the Summer Gala, etc.

Gifts to ESCP Europe London campus are tax deductible for individual donors or companies.

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