Facts and Governance

European Governance

Alongside the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Paris Ile-de-France
, which guarantees the financial resources of the school through an
annual subsidy, the Berlin Government (Senate) has provided its support to
the School for over 25 years. ESCP Europe also enjoys the backing of the
Turin Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts Industry, the
Berlin Chamber of Commerce and a host of players belonging to the European
business community.

ESCP Europe is an EESC (Établissement d’enseignement supérieur consulaire) since 1st January 2018. The school is affiliated to the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry Paris Ile-de-France, its main shareholder, and its two other shareholders are the Alumni Association and the School’s Foundation. 

ESCP Europe is run like a private entity, with a non-Executive Board and an Executive Committee.

The Federal Board formulates the School’s strategy. Its members are representatives from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Paris Ile-de-France region, from other national boards, from Faculty, staff and students, and from the Alumni and Foundation. 

Each non-French campus has its own specific governance structure: Charity (UK), Verein (Germany), Asociacion (Spain), Fondazione (Italy).

European Board

  • President: Philippe Houzé, Executive Chairman, Galeries Lafayette Group

  • Vice-presidents:

  • Members from the CCIR:

  • Campus representatives:
    • Berlin Campus:
    • Turin Campus:
    • Madrid Campus:
    • London Campus:
  • Dean of Faculty: Prof. Valérie Moatti

  • Faculty representatives: to be elected

  • Staff representative: to be elected

  • Student representative: to be elected

  • Alumni representative:

  • Foundation representative:


Germany: Verein

Members of the Board:


Honorary Member:


United Kingdom: Charity


Spain: Asociacion


Italy: Fondazione