The Executive MBA

The Executive MBA Faculty

The ESCP Europe Faculty includes over 130 permanent professors and more than 80 affiliated professors.

Academic Dean of the Executive MBA programme,  Prof Dr Stefan Schmid, Professor of Strategy and International Management:
"The ESCP Europe Executive MBA helps you to achieve multiple objectives: to extend your knowledge, develop your skills, foster your leadership potential, build your networks - and all this in a highly international environment."

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Managing People and Organisations
Katharina Balazs - Laura Boscolo - Marion Festing - Philippe Gabilliet - Robert Griffits - Robert Quaglia - Véronique Tran - Paola Viotto

Managerial Economics
Luciano Ciravegna - Erica Fellinger Patrick Gougeon - Vanessa Strauss-Kahn 

Financial Accounting
Carole Bonnier - Christopher Hossfeld - Anne Le Manh - Gianluca Pallini - Carlos Ramos 

Corporate Finance
Othman Cole - Ulrich Pape -  Vittorio De Pedys - Javier S. Verdasco - Christophe Thibierge - Terence Tse 

Boris Durisin - Christopher Halliburton - Benoît Heilbrunn - Frank Jacob - Laura Reyero - Marie Taillard - Luca Visconti - Roberto Zuccato 

Cost Accounting and Management Control
Claire Dambrin - Ignacio Garbayo - Françoise Giraud - Fabien de Gueuser - Francesco Rattalino - Olivier Saulpic - Emmanuel Zilberberg 

Supply Chain Management
Valentina Carbone - Pierre-Marie Gallois - Valérie Moatti - Gianluca Pallini - Giovanni Scarso Borioli 

Corporate Strategy
Jérôme Couturier - Frédéric Fréry - Miguel Palacios - Stefan Schmid -  Davide Sola - Javier Tafur 

International Business Law
Lourdes Buj - David Chekroun - Fred Einbinder - Giovanni Rolle 

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