Specialised Master® in International Project Management (Paris)


Our programme targets your expertise

The programme trains participants to manage projects in an international business context.

More and more specialised over the years, the Master in International Project Management benefits from a strong abutment of emblematic companies which provides a great professionalisation to the curriculum. Moreover, with more than 80% of the courses in English (with all evaluations in English) and 20 to 30% of the Promotion represented by non-French students, the Master gets a strong international touch.

The program is spread over one year and is divided into 3 periods:


First term (September to December):

General and intensive courses to international management with a one-month seminar in Asia or Latin America (in immersion into the local campuses).





Second term (January to March):

In-depth study of an expertise

1) Business Digital Transformation (Google)

2) Answer Strategies to International Tenders (Airbus Defence and Space) 

3) International Projects Negotiation and Governance (LafargeHolcim) 

4) International Client Relations Management (Halifax) 

5) Public Private Partnerships 

6) International Environment Infrastructure Projects Funding (from a model created by the World Bank) 

7) Industrial Engineering Project Management (Professionals from the Aeronautic Sphere)


Third term (April to December):

Term of professionalisation with a company placement of at least 4 months; a professional thesis defended orally to a committee between early November and mid-December.


Participants have to be proficient in English and understand French.