MSc in International Sustainability Management



Sectors and positions you may work in after the Master in International Sustainability Management (MSc):

Sustainability professionals

  • Work in “green” companies, e.g. in the energy, technological, food, clothing or cosmetics industries,  or in certification agencies
  • Are motivated to rethink traditional structures and work in strategic or sustainability departments, marketing departments, consultancies, green governance or for NGOs
  • Found innovative start-ups or become social entrepreneurs


  • Sustainability or CSR director
  • Logistics & production manager
  • Resource efficiency analyst
  • Strategic planner
  • Marketing manager
  • Business development manager
  • Controller & accountant
  • Lobbyist

What Professionals say...

Alexis Figeac

"The MSc in International Sustainability Management is a significant window for demonstrating knowledge about how sustainability is revolutionising business: indeed ESCP Europe and its sustainability expertise was chosen to be a major academic partner of the R2Pi project, in which successful business models for Circular Economy are being examined. Discarding our linear ways of production and consumption to achieve circularity is the only way forward for business and society; the Master’s programme is incorporating circular business thinking into the curriculum."

Alexis Figeac
Head of Sustainable Business & Entrepreneurship at the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP) 








Florian Küster

"In a world with finite resources, the myth of infinite growth has to be overcome. One fundamental aspect is to significantly reduce the external costs caused by road transportation, which result in heavy congestion, pollution and accidents. Bombardier Transportation offers sustainable mobility solutions which lower the environmental impact of transportation. The MSc at ESCP gave me a new set of skills I could deploy immediately to the work environment and helped to advanced my career at Bombardier. Today, I see economic activities in a more holistic perspective and have the capabilities to develop more sustainable strategies together with my colleagues."

Florian Küster
Research & Technology Analyst at Bombardier Transportation








Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Uwe Lieback

"Companies today do not want to recruit "business nerds" for management positions any more. They are seeking for employees able to see the whole picture having a 360 degree view."


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Uwe Lieback
Managing Director GUTcert, Audit Manager, Environmental Auditor 








Daniela Nuscheler

"Research shows that sustainability matters - not only qualitatively but financially. This makes managing the "triple bottom line" extremely interesting for big corporates, SMEs, and new ventures alike."

Daniela Nuscheler
Consultant at McKinsey & Company, PhD candidate at TU Dortmund








Christoph Schwärzler

"As a Master in International Sustainability Management, your chances to deliver high-performing CSR are great. Research based sustainability competence helps to sharpen CSR strategies and to implement them successfully in industrial organisations."

Christoph Schwärzler
Director Sustainability Strategy at Bombardier Transportation








Sebastian Strachwitz

"With the Master programme in International Sustainability Management students are well-equiped to influence decisions directly on management level. As natural resources are limited, more and more companies will try to preserve the environment and offer ways to be independent and self-sufficient to consumers. This change will surely create many new jobs. Being well prepared and able to work professionally in such an environment is challenging but very satisfying - it feels like the right thing to do!"

Sebastian Strachwitz
Vice President Global Sales Development at sonnen GmbH