Specialised Master® in International Wealth Management

(Paris Campus and London Campus)

(Formerly Specialised Master in Private Banking & Financial Planning)

Accredited C.I.F. (Investment Advisor), and C.J.A. (Relevant Legal Expertise)

Participants’ profiles

Profile of the MS International Wealth Management of 2017

Academic background:

  • Business: 11%
  • Economics and finance: 57%
  • Law and political sciences: 28%
  • Other fields: 4%
  • 7% of international students
  • 57% men, 43% women


Open-mindedness and diversity of the Specialised Masters:

Specialised Masters students come from various countries and have different backgrounds: engineers, doctors, pharmacists, students of literature and law, etc.

Originating from 40 nationalities, they form a group of multicultural participants, which makes exchanging and working in groups all the more enriching.

Since its inception in 1994, the Specialized Master® in Private Banking & Financial Planning has trained 278 students who are now part of the ESCP Europe 40,000 member alumni network. 

Class of 2018 representatives