"I am an associate professor of organizational behavior, a branch of social psychology, at EMLYON. I'm teaching in the ESC (undergraduate) program and the executive MBA, amongst others and I have designed and delivered numerous tailor-made programs for top management (boards of directors, high potentials, middle managers).
I am interested in the human brain and particularly in the "intelligent" use of our emotions and our intuitions in the daily life. My first motivation, as a researcher : to decipher the Da Vinci Code of our sixth sense.
I work with atypical populations such as artists (singers, movie directors, writers, actors), former members of the RAID or officers of the Army, neuroscientists, neuropsychiatrists, speech therapists, CEOs of large companies, journalists, etc. My first objective is to make scientific discoveries more "accessible".
I have published two books in France : " Génération QE (EQ Generation in English) " ( Pearson) and more recently " La Poulpe Attitude (The Octopus Behavior in English) " (Michel Lafon). My new challenge : to uncover the secrets of the human voice."

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Christophe Haag
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in april 2007


"The ESCP Europe Ph.D programme is an extraordinary opportunity to be trained in high level research and teaching. A lot of resources are available for the Ph.D candidates so as to offer the best conditions to succeed. In particular, the different teachers of the School are very available to help and to advise us. These four years spent at ESCP Europe will remain a very good memory and a rich experience at different levels"

Etienne Redor
Assistant Professor,
Audencia Nantes
Ph.D. May 2007


"I am now a professor and researcher at the Colegio de Postgraduados, an institution of higher education in agricultural issues sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture in Mexico. I have been named Dean of Research of my Campus, and Director of the Masters in Agri-industry, Professor of the course of Retailing and Marketing of Agricultural Products at the Colegio de Postgraduados Campus Veracruz. I have been sent to Nicaragua to advise an educational institution, and I have recently been named as a Candidate to become a member of Mexico’s National System of Researchers (SNI)."

Katia Figueroa
Professor Researcher
Ph.D. in September 2006

Paris Ph.D. Programme

2006-2009 Alumni

Ph.D. ESCP Europe 2009
Professor, NEOMA Business School

Dissertation: How sensemaking makes career patterns: validation of a career frame of reference model.

Supervisor: Prof. Loïc CADIN

Elisabeth EGLEM - ESCP Europe Ph.D Student

Elisabeth EGLEM
Ph.D. ESCP Europe 2009

Professor - Université Le Havre


Ethnomarketing of holistic health consumption : the cases of France and Brazil.

Prof. Olivier BADOT

Yasmina JAIDI - ESCP Europe Ph.D Student

Yasmina JAIDI
ESCP Europe Ph.D. 2009

Professor - Université Paris 2 - Panthéon-Assas

"La Recherche et le choix de premier emploi des jeunes diplômés : les apports de la Théorie du comportement planifié"

Prof. Frank BOURNOIS

Christopher WALLER
ESCP Europe Ph.D. 2009

Dissertation: Consumer Preferences and Negotiation Strategy on the Relationship between Salesperson Orientation and Customer Satisfaction. The Case of Purchasing a New Vehicle.

Supervisor: Prof. Olivier BADOT

ESCP Europe
Ph.D. 2008
Director, School of retailing, University of Alberta, School of Business (Canada).

Dissertation: The determinants to design an optimal click-and-mortar policy in terms of "Customer Value" and "Retailer Value" : the case of specialty stores in the menswear clothing industry in Canada.

Supervisor: Prof. Olivier BADOT

ESCP Europe Ph.D. 2008
Professor - Facoltà di Economia, Università di Torino

Dissertation: Towards the definition of drivers of regional competitiveness and their measurement in a context of international opening : Piémont and PACA at the mirror.
This Thesis won the "Prix Luciana Falotico 2008".

Supervisor: Prof. Jean-Paul LEMAIRE

Christophe HAAG
ESCP Europe Ph.D. 2007
Associate Professor in Management and Organisational Behaviour - EM Lyon.

Impact of CEOs’ emotions on  executive board emotional dynamics and performance: Study and validation of the Emotional Contagion Model (ECM)

Prof. Isaac GETZProf. Hervé LAROCHE

Jean-Louis PARE
ESCP Europe Ph.D. 2007
Director of the CFVG (Centre Frano-Vietnamien de Formation en Gestion)

Stratégie internationale de croissance externe des entreprises européennes.

Supervisor: Prof. Jean-Paul LEMAIRE

Etienne REDOR
ESCP Europe Ph.D. 2007
Professor - Finance department, Audencia, School of Management, Nantes.

The payment methods in mergers and acquisitions: shareholders’ wealth, non public firms and determinants.

Supervisor: Prof. Alain CHEVALIER

ESCP Europe Ph.D. 2006
Associate Professor-Researcher - Colegio de Postgraduados, Mexico.

Coopération générale et horizontale dans des concentrations géographiques de toutes petites, petites et moyennes entreprises : une étude comparative France-Mexique dans l’industrie du fromage.

Prof. Frédéric FRÉRY