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London News

Thursday 04 June 2009  (London Academic News)

ESCP Europe professor shares thoughts on marketing jargon

The Marketer magazine recently interviewed Marie Taillard, asking her opinion on the use of marketing jargon. Click to read more...

Wednesday 03 June 2009  (London Academic News)

The 20 Minute Course in Brand Leadership

Professor Chris Halliburton shares his knowledge on branding. Click to read more...

Wednesday 03 June 2009  (London Programmes News )

Ten Tips to Recession-Proof Your Career

ESCP Europe was featured in CNN's article on how to boost your career prospects during a recession. Click to read more...

Monday 01 June 2009  (London Institutional News)

Panel Debate: Have MBAs contributed to the recession?

Former journalist and Harvard MBA Philip Delves Broughton recently wrote: “Business schools have shown a remarkable ability to miss economic catastrophes unfolding before their eyes.” As providers of a highly-rated MBA, ESCP Europe invited Delves Broughton to take part in a debate on the subject...

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