London Event

London Campus
Feminism: On the Edge of a 4th Wave
Start date  : 25 February 2016
Start time  : 07:00 pm
End time  : 10:00 pm
Organizer  : Aurélie Hartmann
Location  : G77, ESCP Europe London Campus

During the launch of her 'He For She' campaign, Emma Watson claimed that 'feminism' has became an unpopular word and that women are increasingly choosing not to label themselves as feminist.

Why has a movement that promoted female liberation gained a bad reputation through the years?

The HeForShe ESCP Europe society is opening the debate with the entrepreneur Jenna Suru from Belle Époque Films, and Vanessa Pellegrin, the film-maker responsible for 'The Trouble with the F word'. They will share their experiences and insights regarding feminism and gender equality.

This is an important event and discussion for all genders - we look forward to welcoming you there!

Date: 25th February 2016
Time: 19:00
Location: G77, ESCP Europe London campus

For more information, please contact:

Aurélie Hartmann
President of HeForShe ESCP Europe and Master in Management student