London Event

London Campus
RCEM Invited Talk: Formation and Evolution of European Gas Prices
Start date  : 16 November 2016
Start time  : 06:00 pm
End time  : 08:00 pm
Organizer  : Karina Casanova

Europe represents one of the regions where the most important developments in price formation have taken place over the last decade.

The continent registered a significant shift to 64% gas hub price indexation in 2015 from 15% in 2005, gas volumes imported under oil-indexed contracts were replaced or renegotiated whereas oil-price indexation in Europe dropped to 30% from 78% in the same term (IGU).

The European gas market attractiveness was powered by the crucial role of governments and the key players in the industry that embarked in ambitious regulatory reforms as well as gas reverse flow pipeline projects, boosted LNG imports into Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Portugal and Greece (and Lithuania) with the goal to establish hubs in South of Europe and boost diversification of supply.

Today's energy leaders need to keep abreast on the recent global developments in the industry and key elements to maximise business opportunities in the current challenging low oil and gas price environment

ESCP Europe and its Research Centre for Energy Management will host a discussion on the topic "Formation and Evolution of European Gas Prices". The event will take place at ESCP Europe's London Campus at 6:00pm on 16th November, 2016.

Lucie Roux, Senior Specialist, European Gas at Platts & Executive Master in Energy Management Alumna will share the latest on:

  • Liberalisation, hubs liquidity and connectivity, convergence with UK and Dutch ‘epicentre’
  • Spot and prompt wholesale price drivers, balancing activity, example of price assessment
  • Oil-indexed gas contract price formation: reason for change?
  • Emerging hubs in south of Europe, diversification of supply
  • Towards more gas price convergence (Europe and worldwide)?

The talk will be followed by a networking reception, allowing attendees the opportunity to meet the speaker and network with our MSc in Energy Management (MEM) students and Alumni.

Admission to the event is free of charge, but places are limited and allocated on a selective first-come, first-served basis.

To register, please click here.

About our speaker
Lucie Roux is a Senior European Gas Specialist at Platts where she provides analysis and price indices for European gas and other energy markets.

Before joining Platts, she worked at ICIS Heren; her work focused on the Italian power and gas market and on the EU gas regulations.

From 2008 to 2012, she was a Research Associate at ESCP Europe Business School in London. She has worked on several major research projects, with topics including accounting for sustainability in the UK, and energy issues including strategic risk management in European shale gas industry.

Lucie joined ESCP Europe's Turin campus in 2005 as a coordinator for the Executive MBA and other international executive programmes.

She began her career in journalism and import-export in France, Italy and Russia. She also conducted market research in Saint-Petersburg for French and Russian start-ups seeking business partnerships.

Lucie holds a Master in Science of Information media and an Executive Master in Energy Management at ESCP Europe.