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Friday 11 April 2014

Academia is disconnected from the real world

In a piece published by the Financial Times, Terence Tse, Associate Professor of Economics at ESCP Europe, and Prof. Mark Esposito comment on the failure of many business schools to connect academic study to the real business world.

They cited a recent study by Duke Corporate Education which showed chief executives are looking for "key proficiencies such as problem-solving, the ability to connect different aspects of business, to think in a holistic way and the courage to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity".

Their research reveals that the only way business schools can provide their students with these important qualities is by contributing to a rethink on the standards required for accreditation, and by including more teaching staff with real business experience.

You can read the full article by visiting the Financial Times online.

The connection between academia and real-world business experience is something ESCP Europe takes very seriously. Indeed, all postgraduate programmes include at least one professional internship, allowing students to hone the skills learnt in the classroom before graduating; and many programmes also incorporate consultancy projects for real clients, during which students tackle a genuine problem faced by a business or corporation and provide immediately implementable solutions. As such, our graduates leave with not only a respected academic qualification, but the skills and know-how to step straight into a position of professional responsibility.

In addition to this, a great number of our faculty have business backgrounds, enabling students to benefit from both their academic and professional experience.

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