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Wednesday 12 November 2008

"Cash buyer", The edge magazine, 11th November 2008


If your company is on the acquisition trail, Jerome Couturier, director of research at ESCP-EAP European School of Management, London campus, advises firms to make sure they have the cash to follow it through. But it is possible to establish yourself in a sector overseas if it is a fast-growing one, such telecoms. Couturier cites Virgin Mobile and Carphone Warehouse as two UK companies that were able to grow organically rather than by acquisition in foreign markets.

 `If you have the capability and competitive advantage, you can become bug quite quickly in a fast-growing sector` he says. `Virgin also had the competitive advantage of the Branson brand. In the case of Carphone Warehouse, its competitive advantage was two-fold-a deep understanding of the telecoms distribution channels and tight business relationships with mobile handset manufacturers`.




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