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Thursday 15 October 2015

Dr Simon Mercado interviewed by INFO Magazine

Earlier this year we were delighted to welcome our new UK Director, Dr Simon Mercado, to the London campus.

In its September/October 2015 edition, INFO Magazine spent time with Simon in order to understand his vision for both ESCP Europe in the UK, and in partnership with our five other campuses (Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw).

[INFO] You were appointed UK Director of ESCP Europe Business School in April. What is your background and what aspects will you be bringing to your new role?

[Dr Mercado] I am the first British national to serve as UK Director for a number of years. As such, I bring a fresh eye, which is both local and international, to the opportunities and challenges of developing our London campus. I have over a decade's experience in higher education management in the UK, primarily at Nottingham Business School, where I worked in both academic and managerial roles. Complementing that, I have been fortunate enough to study, teach and work in several countries and have good experience in international education practice and marketing. I bring that 'glocal' history to this role along with a belief in the internationalisation imperative. What I mean by this is that we live and function in a globalised and connected economy; modern education has to reflect that.

You can read the full article by downloading the PDF. Alternatively, you can read INFO magazine in full online at any time; Simon's interview begins on page 27.

In addition to his interview, Simon contributed a think piece to the same edition, entitled 'The UK and Europe: Choices and Voices'.

"Holding the reins of a proudly European business school here in London, I am constantly struck by the tensions  and uncertainties in the UK’s complex relationship with Europe and the European Union. Outside of our organisation, in our local constituency and business community, opinions about the future of Europe and Britain's place within it are as diverse as the Europe that is our day-to-day reality.

"Inside our organisation too, there is an honest debate over the precise character of the European project and its future direction. A belief in European identity and interdependency is in the DNA of those that work at ESCP Europe but our mission is to educate Europe's future professionals and thought-leaders, not to force feed a set view of European integration. Indeed, preparing individuals to lead in an open European marketplace and to develop as global citizens does not equate with promotion of federalist ideals or a particular vision of Europe as a political construct.

"What it does require, however, is the development of an outward-looking ethos and a management skill-set in which there is firm grasp of the commercial, regulatory and human realities of doing business in modern-day Europe.

"So it is from this starting point that I begin my journey with you and reflect over coming months on the character of the British debate on Europe and on Britain’s place in Europe ..."

To continue reading this article, please download the PDF. You can also read this online (the article can be found on page 11).

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