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Thursday 02 March 2017

Energy Trading Challenge Winning Teams Announced

Young talent from prestigious universities met at the ESCP Europe's London Campus on 24th & 25th February to participate in the 2017 Energy Trading Challenge.

105 students from ESCP Europe Business School, London Business School, Imperial College London, University of Sussex, University of Birmingham, IFP School, London School of Economics and Political Science and Toulouse 1 Capitole University were awarded for their participation, and the top three teams were announced at the end of the second day.

Prof. Kostas Andriosopoulos, Academic Director of ESCP Europe's Energy Management Programmes; Martin Read, Managing Director of Smart Global; and Luke Horswell, Developer of the Simulation and Director of Smart Global announced the winning teams at the end of the second day, with ESCP Europe and LBS teams taking the top three positions.

  • 1st place: Goodfellas Team - Dustin K.H.GOH & Sreenivas Rathnasabapathy
    London Business School
    Profit loss: $173,907,090

  • 2nd place: Crude Lads Team - Corentin Bardon, Antoine Loth, Adi Saric Peter Goitanich
    MSc in Energy Management students, ESCP Europe
    Profit loss: $93,027,568

  • 3rd place: Future MEM Masters Team - Saxton Monteith & Mateusz Ciasnocha
    MSc in Energy Management students, ESCP Europe
    Profit loss: $88,346,232

The full results of the challenge are available here:

ESCP Europe Business School and its Research Centre for Energy Management (RCEM) would like to congratulate the winning teams on their outstanding performance.

About the Energy Trading Challenge
The Energy Trading Challenge is a competitive team event open to talented students from the world's top universities. It was organised in 2017 by MSc in Energy Management (MEM) students, in collaboration with Smart Global, ESCP Europe, and the RCEM.

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