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Thursday 06 October 2016

NATO-wide Executive Development Programme starts its 8th year of partnership with ESCP Europe at the London campus

From 5th to 9th September 2016, 24 participants from different NATO agencies from all around the world met at ESCP Europe for the start of their NEDP.

This programme is a unique combination of five residential modules, starting off at ESCP Europe's London campus and then hosted by four different NATO bodies (Luxembourg, Rome, Norfolk and Brussels), plus an exclusive set of distance learning modules using our brand new online platform.

The different modules have been carefully designed to help participants further develop their knowledge and skills in Strategy, Organisational Behaviour, Change Management, Human Resources, International Relations, Communications, Finance, Leadership and Problem Solving, and to gain valuable personal experiences.

Led by Marc-André Wülfrath and taught by several ESCP Europe Professors, this experience will enhance leadership ability to drive change, engage people, and achieve results.

This September, Marc-André was joined in coaching participants by Donatella Canella, delivering a wide range of creative and challenging sessions. All participants, joined by the Faculty and the Executive Education team, enjoyed a couple of exciting social gatherings, starting with a reception in the sunny courtyard on Monday evening and a welcome speech from ESCP Europe's UK Director, Prof. Simon Mercado. They then enjoyed a fantastic team-bonding experience in Bank with an Escape Room game sponsored by ESCP Europe's London campus, followed by a dinner at Coq d'Argent on Wednesday evening.

This 8th year of collaboration strengthens the link between NATO and ESCP Europe through successful and always renewed experiences, and an ever-growing NEDP Alumni community. The great atmosphere within the group made this week very special, and we are looking forward to seeing the next steps to be taken throughout the year.

What the participants say...

"The daily training offered by Donatella and Marc was stimulating and interesting. I especially liked the fact that we merged very quickly as a group, which is an excellent foundation for the months to come."

"It was an enjoyable and insightful week where I learnt more about myself and particularly enjoyed getting to know my classmates."

"Some of the coaching sessions were very useful for both the professional and personal sides. What I like best was how 24 individuals started the course on Monday and how those individuals gradually became a team during the week."

"I enjoyed meeting and working with a group of real peers, and I enjoyed the facilitation very much: I think Marc and Donatella are great presenters. The ESCP Europe London campus is also a great place to start the course."

For more information about this programme and more options for Custom Education at the London campus, please contact:

Francesco Morrone
Senior Manager, Corporate Services
Tel: +44 (0)20 7443 8800

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