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Monday 12 April 2010

"Nike's new Tiger Woods ad: Canny or creepy?"

In the wake of the recent scandals in Tiger Woods' private life, almost all of the golfer's sponsors cancelled their contracts with him. One of the few to remain were Nike, who have responded to events in their own particular way: by producing an advert featuring Woods being questioned by his deceased father. decided to ask marketing experts their opinion on the campaign, one of whom was Marie Taillard. The Associate Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe's London campus had this to say:

"The Tiger Woods story clearly illustrates the growing need for brand owners to realise that the days of manipulative branding are over - ignoring the public debate, conveniently repositioning an issue away from it, playing with deep human emotions can be very damaging. Consumers expect transparency, engagement opportunities and access rather than increased manipulation and outright disregard for basic human decency."

You can read the full article and watch the advert in question on

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