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Thursday 08 March 2018

Student Societies Spotlight: ESCP Europe Women in Finance

Today is International Women's Day, so it's the perfect opportunity to turn the spotlight on our female-led society, Women in Finance

Their next event is on 16th March, and will welcome Marine Warsmann, Engagement Manager for Financial Services at Oliver Wyman. Find out more here:

Former Society President at the London campus and current President at the Madrid campus, Mara Grasso, did a quick interview to explain the society’s mission. Read on if you would like to know more, and for information on how you can take part...

  • Who can join the Women in Finance Society, and what does it involve? 

Our goal is to create a platform of female students that have an interest in Finance and its related fields, as well as to collaborate and encourage personal and professional relationships between female students.

As part of our activities we organize networking events at campus and visits to the headquarters of financial institutions, meeting with business representatives willing to share their career experience and give us insights and suggestions about how to approach the financial industry. 

Any female student with an interest in the financial markets is welcome to join our society!

  • What would you say to someone who wants to join but isn’t sure? 

Membership of the ESCP Europe Women in Finance society allows us to develop strong networking and communication skills, as well as the spirit of collaboration and solidarity. I experienced the strength to be a woman motivated to succeed in the financial industry, and to overcome the convention applied to such a male-dominated sector.

  • What has been your proudest moment as a member of the Women in Finance society?

Just a month after founding the society, we organised an event at the London campus with successful panellists and an audience of more than 40 students. Our guests were Melissa Plaza-Marriot, Executive Director of the Financial Sponsor Group at Morgan Stanley, Clarence Nahan, Vice President of the Equity Capital Market division of Mediobanca and Caroline Cormier, Executive Director of the UK Corporate Finance division at JP Morgan. We received very positive feedback from our guests and school representatives, as well as form the students attending the event. 

  • What does your society have planned for this year? 

Our plan is to follow the internship and spring week programmes timetable of the selection processes provided by financial institutions like Investment Banks, Asset Management funds, Boutiques, Consultancy and Multinational companies, and to organise networking events with people from the respective institutions within the programme deadlines. For instance, from October to December we focused on Investment Banking, Boutiques and Asset Management funds, and then on Consultancy and Corporations in order to gain insights and suggestions useful for our applications.

  • What does being a member of the Women in Finance society mean to you?

Being a member of the ESCP Europe Women in Finance society for me means being part of a group of strong and ambitious young women that work together and plan a variety of goals in order to achieve the best result for themselves and for the team. Personally, I gained lots of confidence in myself by networking with successful people and speaking in public during our events. We have become not only colleagues but also friends inside and outside the campus, and meet regularly for social nights out. 

If you would like to become a member of this society, please email You can also visit their Facebook page.

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