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Monday 04 March 2013

Students at ESCP Europe can take up the challenge of socio-environmental issues with SenseSchool

SenseSchool, an organisation which creates and organises entrepreneurship challenges, encourages students at ESCP Europe to express their creativity by becoming actors of social innovation. It’s during “Business in Europe”, the ESCP Europe Master in Management, multi-campus closing seminar that SenseSchool asks 500 students from the Paris, London, Berlin and Madrid campuses to find long term solutions to the socio-economical challenges of the 21st century.

Whilst already participating in the Major in Innovation and being part of the course on Sustainable Development at ESCP Europe, SenseSchool offers around thirty workshops created specifically for Business in Europe 2013.  
These workshops, led by speakers from diverse organisations, who are knowledgeable on specific issues, allow students to develop and apply their knowledge gained during their education. Through these means, they take part in an educationally enhancive experience based on collective intelligence, as well as discovering the many facets of innovation.

Here is an example of a challenge set by one of Sense School’s partners during the “Business in Europe” seminar in Berlin:
ESCP Europe students reflect on the task and suggest specific solutions to meet the needs of, an independent search engine based on the sustainability of structures, products and services. The aim of this workshop was to create a viral communication campaign for the launch of the new version of’s website.

Enriching programmes which address urgent socio-environmental matters

Senseschool was created by Marine Plossu, graduate of the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ESCP Europe, (class of 2013), and Caroline Delboyn graduate of the Master in Management at ESCP Europe, (class of 2009), SenseSchool, born in ESCP Europe, offers innovative and interactive programmes for students so that they can resolve social challenges.

According to Marine Plossu, “The education system is full of options, but only schools offering innovative and unique programmes will stand out.  This is why we encourage ESCP Europe’s students to think outside of the box”.
SenseSchool prepares students to solve tomorrow’s challenges by assisting them with creativity tools and professional experiences which are directly in-line with project’s stakeholders.

With SenseClass sessions, which are integrated into academic programmes, and the SenseAcademy which is located outside of the school, SenseSchool can train and introduce social entrepreneurship to students.

For more information about SenseSchool:
Business in Europe 2013: Berlin (21-22 February); London (6-7 March); Paris (12-13 April); Madrid (17-19 April)

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