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PhD in Management, Marketing

Associate Professor
Campus : London
Tel : +442074438861


Kamran is an Associate Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe. Before joining ESCP, he was at University College London (UCL) where he was engaged with a range of teaching and research activiries in the areas related to Marketing. He continues performing research with UCL as an Honorary Senior Research Fellow. Kamran holds a PhD in Marketing from Cranfield School of Management on the topic of "The effect of consumer knowledge miscalibration on consumer value".


Kamran is interested in both  B2B and B2C contexts. His research portfolio primarily focuses on two areas of consumer behaviour and marketing strategy. His behavioral research investigates the effect of cognitive biases  (such as knowledge miscalibration or overconfidence in social exclusion) on consumers' judgements and decision making. Kamran is also interested in marketing strategy topics such as value co-creation, network resources and service ecosystem transformation.


Kamran is engaged with practitionares and has had collaborative projects with businesses in different settings such as in digital and construction industries.