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Freitag, 21. Juli 2017

ESCP Europe students after their first week at the European Innovation Academy

An interesting conversation on their expectations with the 10 ESCP Europe students awarded with a scholarship to participate in the EIA Turin.

EIA – European Innovation Academy, the most innovative Summer Program focused on innovation that annually hosts 700 participants from over 70 different nationalities, in 2017 has confirmed its presence in Turin, choosing it as the venue for its main event, thanks to the partnership with the Politecnico of Turin

The ESCP Europe Turin Campus, that signed a partnership agreement with the EIA, has awarded scholarships to 10 new ESCP Europe students selected for the Master in Management  for the entrepreneurial acceleration program from July 9 to July 28.

We are proud to introduce our outstanding students: Riccardo Bellatalla, Benedetta Bonetti, Sara Castellarin, Eugenio Cipolletta, Niccolò Coppola, Marco D'Addezio, Oreste De Felice, Erik Ferrarese, Beatrice Martelli and Valerio Pidria.

We asked our students some questions about their expectations at the beginning of this three-week summer program for highly motivated students worldwide.

You are attending the EIA thanks to a scholarship provided by ESCP Europe. What do you think of this opportunity?

Oreste De Felice:  “I am really grateful to ESCP Europe for giving me this incredible opportunity that is becoming more and more important for me from both a personal and a professional point of view. Indeed, in my opinion, the EIA is one of the those events that can definitely give you some important and precious tools for your career and your life. The involvement of ESCP Europe in this event confirmed once again that ESCP Europe is a business school that seriously inspires, enriches and improves its students in all fields with passion, care and innovation”.

Marco D’Addezio: “This is an incredible way to begin my Master at ESCP Europe. Challenges like the one I am about to face, always give great motivation. It is one of the many opportunities I will have approach an international habitat and I will use it as a catalyzer for my professional growth and to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur”. 

What did you expect from this 3-week program?

Beatrice Martelli: “In the EIA I recognize a big opportunity to challenge myself and increase my knowledge in the entrepreneurship field. I am also excited to work with motivated people in an international and innovative environment”. 

Eugenio Cipolletta: “I believe that having the opportunity to develop a business idea with the collaboration of international team members in a stimulating and challenging environment is going to help me acquire abilities that will be useful in my future studies and in my career”.

Sara Castellarin: “As nowadays start-ups are flourishing, I think it is extremely important to understand the dynamics and that’s exactly what I expect from EIA. I expect it to be a stimulating experience, a way to improve my skills and to get new knowledge, but I also expect it to be an opportunity to interact with the mentors and to successfully network with them and with the other students who will be participating in the program. In addition, I expect to meet students as determined and enthusiastic as I am about developing their own project simply starting from an idea”. 

Riccardo Bellatalla: “I expect to learn how to develop and realize an idea in its different aspects”.

Erik Ferrarese:  “I strongly believe that the value of a person, especially in the business world, is based on knowledge, abilities, and Experiences. EIA is the right place to get in touch with people from all over the world from different cultures and different knowledge and this means acquiring strong leadership and collaboration abilities that are hard to find anywhere else. This experience will also give us momentum in the business world but as entrepreneurs, through difficult moments and strict time constraints because there is no reward without hard work”.

How was the impact with the international atmosphere at the EIA?

Benedetta Bonetti: “On the first day, when I realized there were hundreds of students from more than 70 different countries, I was so excited to have the opportunity to learn so much people from all over the world”.

Niccolò Coppola: “It is always enriching to deal with diversity. The biggest challenge for me was to ensure that the message got through, clearly and directly, overcoming the cultural barriers although the international atmosphere is quite diluted by the homogeneous social and academic backgrounds. Often you remember that people come from different countries just because of their pronunciation”.

Valerio Pidria: “The first impact with the European Innovation Academy couldn’t have been more surprising. It was overwhelming and inspiring at the same time. It was like entering an innovation area where everything was seen in a completely different way and everything was new. You get involved in this entrepreneurial and innovation mind-set from the very beginning and this is very exciting”.

Stay tuned to find out more about ESCP Europe students’ adventures at the European Innovation Academy.

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