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Jean-Claude ANDREANI
PhD in Business Administration
French Qualification For PhD Supervisor

Emeritus Professor
Campus : Paris


Dr Andreani holds his Doctorate degree in Management Science (La Sorbonne). He is Emeritus Professor at ESCP Europe Paris campus where he taught&nbsp - Principles of Marketing and Market Research, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Communication and Tourism. He is a Visiting Professor at the School of Management of the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari and at ESA School of business in Beirut.
He has been Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee of the International Marketing Trends Congress since 1999. Over 300 speakers and 150 communications from all over Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK ...) attend the Marketing Trends Congress each year. All presentations are vetted by a thorough selection procedure with reviewers, ensured by the congress Scientific Committee. He is the publishing editor of the conference proceedings. He was the Scientific Director of the ESCP Europe Marketing-Communication Chair and the Scientific Director of the Specialized Master Marketing Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnologies.
Dr Andreani has been a member of the Board of Editors of Revue Française du Marketing since 1986 and a member of the editorial board of the academic Italian journal Micro-Macro-Marketing since 2006. He has served as Editor on 8 issues.
His theoretical and applied research deals with various aspects of Marketing: Research Methodologies (in particular Qualitative research methodologies), Marketing Trends, Marketing-Communication and Pharmaceutical Marketing.
His work on Marketing Research issues led him to take part in two collective works used as reference books by the ESCP Europe graduate students: one written in 2006, “The Marketer, basis and innovations of marketing” (Le Marketeur, fondements et nouveautes du marketing - C. Michon et al.), Pearson Education France, 2nd edition - and the other in 1997, “European Marketing: strategies and actions” (Marketing Européen : stratégies et actions&nbsp - - R. de Maricourt et al.), Publi-Union. His work in the field of Qualitative Methods, especially his publication in the French Marketing Review in 2005 on methodologies, examines the reliability and validity of the Qualitative Research. It interfaces with several disciplines (Psychology, Anthropology, Semiotics and Consumer Behaviour theories).
In the field of Marketing Trends, he has various research publications on new topics since 2006 (e.g. articles on Service Marketing Trends, Marketing to Medical Patients, Tourist Behaviours). He coordinated two issues of the French Marketing Review on Marketing Trends (N° 201, 2005, N° 189/190, 2002), and two others on Marketing-Mix: the first on new products (N° 182, 2001), the second on price (n° 161, 1997).
His research in the field of Marketing-Communication are directed towards developing new ideas and new knowledge on the theoretical and operational level. He has published several articles on Citizenship Communication of Brands, Unfamiliar Messages, and Communication Satisfaction. Within the context of the Chair of the Marketing Communication Department, he conducts a team of eight researchers who work on various communication issues, notably the efficiency of persuasion (new word of mouth mechanisms and their influence).
As early as 1983 he was one of the first researchers to publish on the distinctive characteristics of Pharmaceutical Marketing. He is an expert in the field of Pharmaceutical Marketing strategies and policies. He coordinated three issues of the French Marketing Review on GP’s Promotion and key factors of success in Pharmaceutical Marketing. His latest research deals with Patient Information.
Professor Andreani has published nearly 50 scientific articles and contributions in Academic Journals and at International Congresses. He lectures in French, Italian and English. Through his consulting activities and business experience and involvement with business leaders at Insemma Institute, he has accumulated a wealth of professional know-how in Market Research, Consumer Goods and Pharmaceutical Marketing.