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ESCP Europe 5 campuses



Customised Programmes Paris
Karine Maxence
+ 33 1 55 65 56 30


Customised Programmes London
Francesco Morrone
+44 207 443 8816


Customised Programmes Berlin
Laurence Schwer
+49 30 320 07 214


Customised Programmes Madrid
Olga Alonso Pelegrin
+34 91 386 2511


Customised Programmes Torino
Jessica Allasia
+39 344 2263518

Custom programmes brochure

Custom programmes brochure
Managers in Executive Education at ESCP Europe

Executive Education: Customised programmes for Companies

Managers in Executive Education at ESCP Europe

Company Specific Programmes

At the heart of everything we do is the belief that individuals are the architects of their own development rather than passive recipients of learning. Our customised programmes always try to address multiple learning outcomes, focusing on knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Our 5 key-points for Customised Programmes

ESCP Europe continually collaborates with leading national and international companies to design customised and company-specific executive education programmes.
5 keys to your learning experience at ESCP Europe … What is a Customised Programme at ESCP Europe?

Our main expertises meeting your needs

Companies' needs we are used to adressing:

  • Follow and consolidate a process of change
  • Ensure the strengths and high-potential skills are constantly improved
  • Promote synergies in mergers-acquisitions
  • Reinforce consistent practices between business units or subsidiaries
  • Implement new strategies and get teams to buy-in
  • Strengthen the leadership skills of managers
  • Encourage truly innovative initiatives
  • Develop expertise in finance, marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship etc.
  • Internationalise activities and build cross-border teams…

To learn more about our expertise areas