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Executive Education: Open Programmes

Managing in India Module
Short programme
Duration: 1 day
Language: English
Campus: Berlin
Dates: September 2018

Anne Ulbricht
Manager EMBA/GMP/Open Programmes

Phone: +49 (0) 30 / 3 20 07-176
Fax: +49 (0) 30 / 3 20 07-107


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This compact one-day module, co-delivered in part by a German and an Indian national, both with working experience in India, will help to make sense of the often contradictory Indian experience and enable you to navigate successfully your way through interactions with Indians.

India is a nation with lots of diversity, and it is vibrant ,argumentative and self-confident. In terms of informationtechnology, Indians are already amongst the best in the world, so the country has therefore become a primary destination for outsourcing services. Strategically, India is seen as a counterweight to China for many industries. Few can dispute its strategic importance, growing middle class and market potential amongst the emerging markets just after China. Whilst linguistically India is thought to be easier to access, its culture is very different from any other and follows its own inner and complex logic.


Dates: September 2016


Professionals and Executives

Fees and financing

1.100 € for the Module

International Business Programme (IBP)

This module is part of our International Business Programme (IBP). It can be taken separately or joined with other modules.


Key points

›› Increases your awareness of challenges and opportunities in the Indian business environment

›› Provides you with an understanding of the key aspects of Indian culture and their business implications

›› Gives you a framework with which to interpret Indian communication and behaviours and to avoid traps

›› Shows you practical solutions that help to communicate and interact effectively and get things done

›› You will improve your ability to interact as a leader, colleague or partner

›› You will reflect on the implications for your own role and involvement


›› Recent developments in the Indian business contextand their implications for European companies

›› Understanding Indian value and belief systems and their impact on business interactions

›› Understanding Indian communication styles and behaviours

›› Building relationships in India

›› Collaborating with Indian partners

›› Leading Indian employees and teams

›› Managing the outsourcing relationship


“It was an intense learning experience for all the participants and your session, in particular, received very positive feedback. We are sure that your contribution will go a long way towards enriching the wisdom of our participants.”

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