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Executive Education: Open Programmes

Problem Solving & Decision Making INDUCTION SEMINAR
Short programme
Duration: 3 days - 24 hours
Language: English
Campus: Torino
Dates: March 2019

Eleonora Bonisolli 

+39 (0)11 67 05 897


2 100€



This programme is particularly suited to managers whose increasing level of managerial responsibilities requires that they develop decision-making and communication skills quickly and effectively.

As a manager, you are called to effectively evaluate different courses of action, make decisions and communicate conclusions to others in a clear and structured way.

  • Develop a 360 degree view of the impact decisions will have on the organization
  • Improve team-management and time-management skills
  • Become a persuasive and efficient communicator


This programme is primarily designed for:

  • managers
  • newly appointed directors

to cope with increasing business and supervisory responsibilities.

Professionals who require a solid understanding of the decision making process and general management concepts in order to ensure a positive contribution to their organization performance.

Key points


Participants are taken through the full problem-solving and decision-making cycle: from breaking down a complex issue to prioritizing and writing the action plan.

they also practice communicating their proposal, an important and often over-looked aspect of decision-making.

the course focuses mostly on experiential, proactive and practical learning: participants engage in individual and team problem-solving and decision-making, and receive constant and constructive feedback to build on personal strenghts and address limitations.


"Very challenging programme, wonderful opportunity to work with other like minded professionals. Thank you"

                                                                           Senior Executive at Morgan Stanley


"This was a well structured course. Delivered by very knowledgeable professors. The course has been a great benefit to me both personally and professionally"

                                                       Learning and Development Director at Monsoon


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