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Executive Education: Open Programmes

Accelerated Finance Programme
Short programme
Duration: 3 days - 24 hours
Language: Italian
Campus: Torino
Dates: March 2017

Stefania Vaudano
+ 39 349 0842 024

NB this programme takes place in Rome.


In a fast world, highly competitive and with a global vision, value creation becomes a crucial requirement for every business action. For this reason, people inside the companies have to be more responsible in the decision making process, the consequent impacts and the sustainability of the business itself.


In order to reach these expectations, in terms of professional growth and leader-roles, it is necessary to acquire value creation skills and to raise the awareness about financial themes, with the aim at:

  • Understanding how to analyze, measure and communicate information as economic consequences of a business process, whose future decisions and strategies come from.
  • Identifying which are the main economic-financial drivers to be considered in terms of profitability and optimization of interactions among the functions.
  • Acquiring the capability of evaluating the different options in a complex and uncertain system in order to take the best investment decision as fast as possible.
  • Understanding how to evaluate and manage the risk in order to grow and reach the expected performances. 
  • Sustaining the strategy of an organic and non-organic growth of a company, through the main tools of corporate finance.

Talents, Managers, Heads of Projects and/or processes and Professionals with at least 3 years of working experience

Academic Direction

Vittorio de Pedys
Adjunct Professor in Finance and Management, ESCP Europe

Fees and financing

2,600 € for 3-days module (+ VAT)
Location: Rome, Via Sandro Sandri, 81 (in collaboration with ELIS Corporate School)


The programme is made up of two different 3-days modules and gives all the levers and the financial tools, strategic if you want to play roles of responsibility, with a business impact inside the company:

  • The first module Fundamental of Corporate Finance on:
    14-15-16 March 2016
    or 14-15-16 April 2016
    according to your choice
  • The second module Advanced Corporate Finance (date to be defined)

First module contents - Fundamentals of Corporate Finance:

  • How to read and analyze the financial statements and the main economic-financial ratios
  • Evaluation principles and techniques for corporate investment decisions in domestic and international environment
  • Business planning and cash flow

Second module contents -Advanced Corporate Finance:

  • The main tools of company evaluation
  • M&A and the main instruments of advanced corporate finance
  • Private Equity and Risk Management

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