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Executive Education: Open Programmes

U-SCHOOL: The Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme
Medium length programme
Duration: 4 modules à 3 days + continuous mentoring
Language: English
Campus: Paris Berlin
Dates: April 2018


 "At U-SCHOOL we are going to teach what I would have liked to learn at university. I learned it over the years. Here it's going to be months. What a shortcut!" (Jörg Rheinboldt, CEO Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator & mentor at U-SCHOOL)



Sven Scheid

Programme Manager

0049 (0) 30 32 007 127



Tabea Beutel

Programme Coordinator

0049 (0) 30 32 007 199


Download the U-SCHOOL brochure


The entrepreneurial leadership programme U-SCHOOL (former Unternehmerschule) is designed and facilitated in strong alliance with experienced Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs to empower talented managers driving innovation forward in their organization. The “U” represents both our reference to Unternehmertum as the German expression for entrepreneurship and our focus on YOU. As a whole, the U-SCHOOL commits to help you strengthen your entrepreneurial skill set and to make your innovative ideas become real.

Beneath the implementation of the latest management tools we provide you with a personal mentor and a safe practice space in which you can work on your ideas and turn them into a competitive business model.


The participants profit from:

      • Management tools to drive entrepreneurial projects successfully. Every session is designed by and facilitated through experienced practitioners and professors / executive education trainers (Tandem Teaching)
      • Project based learning ensures the implementation of newly acquired competencies and enables participants to exchange ideas among each other.
      • Personal coaching and mentoring provides space for reflection, crucial to accelerate the dynamic with which projects develop and enhance leadership qualities.
      • U-SCHOOL is a unique community in which new perspectives can be shared in an innovation-friendly ecosystem where participants work and grow together.


            The key objective of the programme is to support you and your company in refining your actual business or to successfully find, develop and integrate new business models. 

            Therefore we provide you with the most important management tools to master the four steps of a successful project development: IDEATE, JUMP, GROW and CHALLENGE. We believe in project-based learning, therefore every participant will work during the six month on her/his own project and will have access to a network of senior executives and experienced mentors.


            To inspire and support your entrepreneurial attitude we connect you with the agile start-up scene and work with some of the most successful international incubators such as Axel Springer Plug & Play, hubraum, Hitfox, Project A, Startupbootcamp or Numa.


            The combination of a high-end executive training and a dynamic project accelerator brings the unique value to U-SCHOOL. As participant you will step into an exclusive community of experienced managers from large corporations as well as from fast growing start-ups.


            The U-SCHOOL programme welcomes participants from diverse educational backgrounds who have already gained a minimum of three years’ professional experience. This experience could have been gained as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur or business developer within a large company or as the manager of a family business. The more diverse the backgrounds and careers of the participants, the better they can learn from each other and build a sustainable network — a key element of the programme.

            Admission Criteria

            There are no formal education requirements; however, English language proficiency skills are mandatory.

            Academic Direction

            Martin Kupp

            Associate Professor ESCP Europe

            Strategy, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resources

            Campus : Paris


            René Mauer

            Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

            Campus : Berlin



            Fees and financing

            € 12,800 for the complete programme

            Please contact Sven Scheid for scholarships for women and entrepreneurs.

            Key points
            • Four modules: IDEATE, JUMP, MANAGE and GROW
            • Tandem teaching approach
            • Application with a project, that will be developed continuously
            • Mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs




            Module 1 IDEATE

            The first module is all about getting and shaping your initial ideas into a project. During the first three days we will hone your project by challenging, twisting and shaping your initial ideas. We will apply a wide variety of tools like effectuation, design-thinking and customer discovery. Furthermore, we visit start-ups and agile companies. We have the opportunity to discuss with them how they were built and how they developed and shaped their ideas over time. At the end of module 1 you should have torn your ideas into pieces and put them back together with many new ideas.




            Module 2 JUMP

            It is time to put your ideas to the test. And we mean this quite literally! Why do you do this project, how can you make a difference, what leadership preferences do you have and how can you use them best? We will explore how stories will help you to build a powerful identity and brand for your project.




            Module 3 GROW

            To develop your project further we explore the role of strategy. You learn methods and
            principles entrepreneurs employ in situations of uncertainty. We will also discuss the fundamentals of finance and deepen your skills as a negotiator and mediator.




            Module 4 CHALLENGE

            What are the important levers to bring your project to the next level? We discuss what it takes to grow your business internationally and we examine a number of leadership issues connected with growth, such as the role of ethics, diversity and responsibility. Furthermore we will learn about the different marketing instruments, especially the potential of digital marketing.



            Thymian Bussemer, Deputy Head, Group Transformational Change, Deutsche Telekom


            "We have made some notable experiences. The programme has led to more innovation within our company. Our selected participants at U-SCHOOL have all refined their business ideas through reflection with a number of diverse participants and the support of a mentor."




            Dominik Dommick, CEO Payback GmbH


            "We are sending young professionals from our Entrepreneur in Residence Program to U-SCHOOL. The programme connects them to a strong entrepreneurial network and helps them turn their ideas into business models."




            Uli Huener, Head of Innovation Management, EnBW AG


            "The business model in the energy sector has hardly changed in the past 30 years. For EnBW it is one of the big challenges - and at the same time chances - to identify and extend new businesses through entrepreneurial talent and with entrepreneurial spirit. With the U-SCHOOL programme we have found a good way to work on and refill our new business model ideas."




            Jörg Rheinboldt, CEO Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator, co-founder and former CEO of eBay Germany


            "At U-SCHOOL we are going to teach what I would have liked to learn at university. I learned it over the years. Here it's going to be months. What a shortcut!"




            Alexander Sixt, Family business holder - Managing director - Head of Corporate Development, Central Purchasing and Workflow management at Sixt AG


            "The leader of a family business demands the ability to seize chances while keeping up the approved business model. That's one of the main challenges in a family business. Growing into a family business sometimes needs external support. Family business leaders will benefit from U-SCHOOL by obtaining insights into challenging business cases and through a top-class network. It is what you need to develop into a responsible leader much quicker."





            Ulrich Schmitz, CTO Axel Springer SE


            "A succesful entrepreneur needs talent, applicable methods, tools and the right timing. Entrepreneurial talent often exists naturally; however, it needs to be developed in practice. As such, U-SCHOOL offers the chance to do so!"






            Mentors @ UNTERNEHMERSCHULE

            Jan Bohl

            Gunnar Gräf

            Marc Sasserath

            Lothar Eckstein

            Tosson El Noshokaty

            Stephan Breidenbach

            Peter Borchers

            Ozan Taner

            Wolf von Bernuth

            Manon Goo

            Oliver Janik

            Jesper Wahrendorf

            Toni Kappesz

            Robert Klanten

            Martin Kupp

            Christian Müller - Elschner

            Kaya Taner

            Sascha Wolff

            Jan Ehlers

            René Mauer

            Rahmyn Kress

            Caroline Seifert

            Madeleine Gummer von Mohl

            Hugo Suidman

            Ulrich Schmitz

            Stefan Kniess

            Ulrich Kleipass

            Jesper Wahrendorf

            Marcel Vandieken

            Georg von Waldenfels

            Wolf von Bernuth

            Nicola Breyer

            Julie Guth

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