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Faculty member

Louis-David BENYAYER
PhD in Business Administration, Strategy & Organization

Affiliate Professor
Campus : Paris


Louis-David Benyayer is Affiliate Professor at ESCP-Europe, Paris Campus, where he is involved in the Entrepreneurship Chair, the Iot Chair and the Big Data chair. 

Over the last 15 years, Loui-David developed a strategy consulting activity for corporations and SMEs. He participated in two startups and led a recovery plan for a bankrupt company. He co-founded Without Model, think tank dedicated to foster open, collaborative and responsible business models and coordinated the book Open Models, business model of the open economy. Co-author with Simon Chignard of Datanomics, les nouveaux business models des données, Louis-David is member of the expert networok of Etalab.

Louis-David’s area of expertise lies in business model, entrepreneurship and, strategic innovation. Louis-David’s current research interests focus on open business models, data driven strategies and organizational ambidexterity.