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Faculty member

Raphaelle PANDRAUD
PhD in Business Administration
French Qualification For PhD Supervisor

Campus : Paris


Raphaëlle Lambert-Pandraud has been an Professor of Marketing at the ESCP Europe Paris campus, since 2005. Following business studies at Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (now ESCP Europe), she worked as a senior product manager at L’Oréal in the UK, where she test marketed and launched the French anti-aging skincare range Plénitude.
She then earned a Doctorate in Consumer Behavior at HEC, Paris. Raphaëlle has published in international journals, such as the Journal of Marketing:&quot - Why do Older Consumers Buy Older Brands: The Role of Attachment and Declining Innovativeness&quot - (2010) and &quot - Repeat Purchasing of New Automobiles by Older Consumers: Empirical Evidence and Interpretations&quot - (2005).
She has presented papers in international conferences such as SCP (Society of Consumer Psychology), EMAC (European Marketing Academy), ACR (Association for Consumer Research), Marketing Science. She also participated to the 6th and 7th Invitational Choice Symposiums. The workshop participants co-authored joint papers on “Cognition, Persuasion and Decision Making in Older Consumers,”&nbsp - (Marketing Letters 2005) and &quot - Decision making and brand choice by older consumers&quot - (Marketing Letters 2008).
Professor Lambert-Pandraud’s current research is focused on the influence of age on consumer information search, considerations sets, and brand choice.