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Faculty member

PhD in Management of Strategic change Programmes

Assistant Professor
Information & Operations Management
Campus : London


Giovanni Scarso Borioli is a full-time member of the Faculty in London, teaching Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, PSDM (Problem Solving and Decision Making), Business Transformation and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


After graduating and undertaking an MSc in Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino, Giovanni spent several years working as Project Manager; he then completed his business studies at ESCP Europe, where he participated to the 2006 edition of GMP (General Manager Program). He has then undertaken his doctoral studies at University College of London in the field of Management of Strategic Change Programmes, completing hs PhD in Novemeber 2016.


Giovanni is also an active management consultant and he works with international companies in fields such as Telecommunications, Healthcare, Automotive and Services.


His research interests concern the implementation of large-scale strategic change Programmes, and particularly the implementation of lean management and sales force transformation. He is also working in the field of agile strategy development and lean innovation.